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Conceptronics oven reflow problems

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 07 13:17:56 EST 2004 | James

We currently have 2 HVA 102 conceptronic reflow ovens. I ran 2 profiles on the 2 seperate machines. One of the oven ran 7 degrees lower than the other oven. I checked all the fans and they seem to running fine. I get no warning on the monitors.

Harwin SM connector problems

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 28 05:41:22 EDT 2005 | K

Hi guys, Have any of you encountered harwin connector M80-647 in the past? Have you noticed any problems with the reliability of the component, solderability and 'reworkability' (thats a new word for sure)? Heres a PDF of the component; http://www.

Conceptronic HVAC102 oven problem

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 15 09:21:49 EST 2015 | fuji_user_2014

Can you please contact me? We may have work for you related to Conceptronics HVA102 oven. Our oven is not showing any readings from thermocouples. We suspect bad special function card? My number is 774-553-6644, ask for Greg.

Oven Help

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 11 16:16:42 EST 2015 | fuji_user_2014

I have an Conceptronics HVA102 that is displaying all "0s" in all zones. I tried a new mobo and power supply and it worked for a short time. However, after restart, the problem came back. I also tried reseating and cleaning all connectors and cards.

PCB post reflow cleaning

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 02 12:40:59 EST 2004 | Ron Herbert

White residue can often be caused by overheating the flux. When this occurs the flux is polymerized, basically turning it into an epoxy. You can usually determine if this is the problem by taking a pencil eraser to it. If it comes off, you have overh

Cencorp TR1000 Router intermittently freezing up

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 06 17:32:44 EST 2015 | tamte65

If you still have the problem: We are Cencorp OEM service department in McAllen TX. Can you provide the machine serial number so we can check more accurate response. The problem seems to be related PC CPU issue. Overheating or something similar.

Heller Oven

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 01 11:39:15 EST 2017 | ivammendes

Thank you guys for the answers. I have solved a part of the problem. I replaced the caps that Rob mentioned and some blowers start working. I still have problems with 2 heats. One of them the blower is not working even changing the cap. The other one

Heller Oven

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 07 20:49:31 EST 2017 | youngbuck

On a our electricity ovens the most common problem with overheating zones is usually the solid state relays.Not sure if this would relate to the Heller ovens.

Problem with shielding component

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 19 13:31:14 EST 2007 | lit51

Is the failure just out of tolerance or is it non functioning? For tolerance problem, compare the x-rays of the good and bad units. It will take a very high resolution x-ray to spot the differences. Changes in capacitance values can occur based on

NXP QFN Solderability Wetting Problems, Kester

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 10 10:52:11 EDT 2017 | ttheis

We are just using a stereo microscope at this time. When we first started out with these parts a year ago they filleted very well but with no apparent change they began having problems. While the boards do work, we are concerned about the long term r

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