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ic programming problems

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 29 08:37:04 EDT 2003 | davef

From a data sheet [we know it's not Cypress ]: AMD PALCE16V8 Family EE CMOS 20-Pin Universal Programmable Array Logic Programming and Erasing The PALCE16V8 can be programmed on standard logic programmers. It also may be erased to reset a previously c

Need help on assessment of effect of temperature and humidity in battery consumption

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 24 21:00:58 EDT 2018 | marlonbc

Hi All, Would just like to course through this concern on a product that we are contracted to assemble. It is mainly used for an automatic hand sanitizer dispensing product. By design there is a restrictive value of current that it needs to dissipat

IC Programming and taping

Electronics Forum | x |

Thu Aug 21 08:51:58 EDT 2003

IC Programming and taping

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 20 09:02:04 EDT 2003 | mario

Can anyone give me a telephone number or contact for a service shop for IC programming and taping for small batches such as qty of 2k to 10k prefer north-east location. I am located in Montreal.

Re: Siemens HS50 and F5 and S25

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 28 16:28:14 EST 2000 | CAL

Chris- The machines you identified are stable products and have been around for over two years now and most bugs have been worked out. The F5 IC head has not changed much since its introduction over 5 years ago. Remember these machine like to run, r

IC Programming and taping

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 21 08:50:41 EDT 2003 | x

In Hollis NH: http://www.sourceelectronics.com/

IC Programming and taping

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 21 08:52:16 EDT 2003 | x

Tel: 603-595-2906

Mydata Pick and place

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 26 12:40:59 EDT 2001 | stefwitt

I would like to enter the discussion by tossing some numbers in. First of all I don�t like the 3 Sigma value. 3 Sigma are 2000 defects per mio. if I remember correctly. This means, if you have 200 components on the board, then every 10 boards have on


Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 09 10:15:17 EDT 2002 | msjohnston

Cal, Our parent company is a FAB and they are about to release a new generation of parts. Usually the die is qualified in a simple TSOP form factor. This time the first product quals will take place in the BGA and CSP from factors rather than the t

IP1 and SSOP28

Electronics Forum | Fri May 21 17:36:39 EDT 2010 | m79d

Hi Fujispares thanks for the info but still not going. Tried other ic parts and the result is the same. Also tried another vision board. Any more suggestions? Thanks

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