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Re: ict nail for double sided reflow

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 18 20:17:25 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Bluto: Either: * Give the springs in your probes some spinach ... OR * Print some paste onto your test pads Popeye

PCBA board and probe

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 13 03:10:36 EST 2021 | pti88

why poor contact between PCBA board and probe? When I used ICT to test PCBA board, there was poor contact between board and probe .

ICT Fixtures No-Clean Flux

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 16 14:04:14 EST 2000 | Cartman

Greetings. My company has a VOC-Free no-clean wave solder flux with 4% solids. I have a number of questions as they relate to our ICT Fixtures. Currently, we're encountering the following issues: 1.) PM on probes....What is the recommended PM p

ICT Probes

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 21 10:34:20 EDT 2006 | Kerwin Hooshey

Is there an ICT probe style that can pierce through tented (closed) via's?

Cleaning of ICT Probes

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 08 06:31:16 EDT 2009 | bandjwet

Does anyone have any experience with cleaning debris, removing oxidation from ICT (or for that matter flying probe)probes: Regards BWET

ICT Question, Via holes and Probes

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 27 10:55:54 EDT 2007 | Brett

Pete, is there a probe-style that will accomodate a via that's filled, but a little concave (inward) fillet? The ICT personnel complains about this scenario too. I'm not an ICT person, but I do know that there are pogo pins that have a crown (for t

Flying Probe

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 29 13:30:17 EDT 2006 | Chunks

Some have a bottom side adaptor plates with pins to make contact to certain areas of your board. The top side may have one or multiple heads that can move the entire area of your board. On each of these haeds is a pin like that from an ICT machine.

mirco bga stencil opening

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 02 15:08:37 EDT 2002 | Eric

See Fiske first line. I'd bet You are bending or catching the assembly in the ICT. How many probes at 8OZ each? do you use on that ICT? 800 probes = 400lbs. See "Flexure induced failure of BGA solder joints" by Compaq Houston TX

ICT Question, Via holes and Probes

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 27 10:38:30 EDT 2007 | pjc

No dome needed. You should check what type probe you have. You can look here and consult with them: http://www.qualmaxamerica.com/qualmax/leeno/semi.asp?string=ICT

Flux residue cause high false reject at ICT

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 29 11:56:10 EST 2006 | CK the Flip

For the better part of my career, I've battled with ICT guys on so-called "flux residues" on their test probes, and this was when using NO-CLEAN, 2% to 5% solids tops, flux. People don't understand that ICT probe maintenance is an inherent part of

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