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what is the ideal RH level at warehouses?

Electronics Forum | Sat May 28 01:26:39 EDT 2011 | remoh622

What is the industry ideal humidity level to be maintain?

Solderability tests for Gold finishes

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 06 16:54:38 EST 2004 | Gopinath A

Hi, I understand that solder dipping of gold plated units (PCB or component lead) is not the ideal solderability test (leaching of gold in the solder bath being one reason). Would anyone have recommendations as to the ideal solderability tests for g

SMT Line Changeover Time

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 28 08:23:46 EDT 2007 | DeP

Trying to find the ideal changeover time on an SMT line with stencil printers, GSM'S, and HSP's? What are other company's getting? What does SMT world consider ideal?

ideal solder paste viscosity

Electronics Forum | Thu May 14 01:14:08 EDT 2015 | m_imtiaz

i want to know what is the ideal viscosity of solder paste before printing. i have brookfield viscosity meter with Spiral Spindle.

What should be the ideal Purity level of incoming Nitrogen for SMT

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 14 07:00:42 EDT 2019 | ameenullakhan

What should be the ideal Purity level of Nitrogen at incoming stage ?? Please suggest. Regards, Ameen

Oxygen Levels in Lead-Free Reflow

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 16 18:54:36 EDT 2002 | davef

There is not requirement for a low O2 atmosphere for no-lead soldering. There was quite a lot of work on lead-free profiles in the European IDEALS lead-free project and some info on this is available for download at: * http://www.lead-free.org/down

Conformal Coat Thickness

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 23 17:49:04 EDT 2007 | davef

We know nothing of DeFelsko, but do understand how they distinguish between the solder mask and the conformal coat. DeFelsko manufactures hand-held, non-destructive coating thickness gages that are ideal for measuring the dry film thickness of confo

bridging between 2 pads

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 07 07:31:20 EST 2001 | steven

what is ideal or minimun spacing in between 2 pads to avoid bridging? thanks

component to scored edge clearance

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 20 04:21:04 EDT 2005 | alex

What is the ideal component edge to board scored edge clearance?


Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 07 15:44:19 EDT 2021 | jdengler

Can you switch which side is processed first? It might not be ideal but it may work.

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