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Design and manu.

Electronics Forum | Thu May 26 00:42:19 EDT 2005 | nicholas2005

Ok, I just need someone to give me some feed back on a few questions I have. If anyone could help me that would be great. Example: take a Fuji CP-4 feeder for instance! If I machine my own, place my own parts on it, and place my own company name, and

Touch-up and Inspection Process

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 01 10:43:59 EST 2005 | Rob

Hi Greg, Is anyone logging the errors at QC/touch up stage so they can feed them straight back to SMT and fix them? (i.e. skipped components, poor paste coverage etc) Obviously the faster you spot an error the cheaper it will be for you. Cheers,

0402's and Gluing.............

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 08 23:29:54 EST 2005 | mrduckmann2000

Help! Does anyone know how to get a Camolot Gem II machine to put down dots for 0402 placement? I have been working with Electrovert Tech's that say their machine WILL place dots for 0402's. I have reduce the speed of the pumps to half the speed,

High-end SPI and AOI?

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 14 08:39:01 EDT 2009 | edmaya33

Anybody here work with Viscom S3088-II QS SPI? I heard this machine offers an ultra high speed of inspection and a state of the art features. We have been working with Orbotech P36+ but all we got is headache. A 2K US$ illumination board always fai

Solder Balls and Humidity

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 23 16:28:14 EDT 2007 | grics

I want to get a collective opinion from the forum... I was always under the impression that Humidity at SMT can be a disaster and can cause solder balls... But what about at the Wave/Selective solder? If every board or almost every board has solder

BGA assembly and inspection

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 03 01:37:54 EDT 2001 | philipreyes

60% 36% 0f ball area >36% Class2 Accept Reject 45% of ball diameter >45% 20.25% of ball area >20.25% Class3 Accept

0402's and Gluing.............

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 09 11:50:55 EST 2005 | mrduckmann2000

Pete, I started with the App engineers, they had me try a 21g needle then a 23g needle then a 25g needle. The tech's are the ones suggesting that I slow the pump down to half speed and try a 27g needle. The needles are $150 a piece.....I now have

0402's and Gluing.............

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 09 12:28:58 EST 2005 | Valerie

We have been pretty successful with screen printing glue, however the smallest component we now glue is a 0805. We had many problems using our Gemini II to put down glue dots for a 0603, so we altered the pads to do double-side reflow. As our own int

Pick and Place tutorials

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 01 10:20:48 EDT 2003 | caldon

www.smtmag.com has Step-by-step articles written by OEMS...Just type in Step-by-step into the search engine on the website...sit back and enjoy the links. Also, http://www.smtinfocus.com has a brief snip-it as well. You may want to do a search for

MPM Up2000 and SMEMA

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 20 15:00:26 EDT 2016 | awhite

Got it!!!!! On the main Operator Screen for the MPM UP2000, and under configuration (when logged-in under maintenance), it gives you ONLY the settings that the machine is set to....there are no drop-downs or options available to choose from. Very fr

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