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Pros/Cons of Gold immersion boards(solderability)

Electronics Forum | Thu May 10 19:19:41 EDT 2007 | rgduval

Wayne, I haven't seen anything indicating that Gold Immersion is necessary for lead free... However, it is my companies preferred finish for lead free assemblies. We've taken this stance for the following reasons: 1. Better solder quality on th

Solder mask

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 02 16:52:16 EST 2009 | boardhouse

Hi, From a Manufactures choice - Green is the best due to it is the most commonly used mask color in the industry & cheapest. Kind a like Red paint for Barns. For US shops, most only have one LPI machine and to continually switch from Green to othe

Lead Free boards

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 28 17:04:52 EDT 2006 | Board House

ImSn - Immersion Tin - Not Recomended- short shelf life ImAg - Immersion Silver - Prefered Surface finsh by most Board houses, Best reworkablility, 12 moth self life, ENIG - Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold - Second Choice for Board Shops, 12 -


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