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Solderality problems with SN100C Lead Free Hasl

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 22 09:45:26 EDT 2006 | bradlanger

Greg, All the above. It looked like it was going to be a drop for SNPB HASL at first but after a few thousand boards we started running into all the problems you are describing. We first started seeing non wetting on SMT pads. The solder would wet t

Solder Mask Bubbling On PCB from Supported Via Holes

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 15 16:12:23 EDT 2008 | boardhouse

Hi Armynski, I sell for an offshore board house, yes, it is common for offshore board shops to fill vias. The bubble is caused by air entrampment within the hole it self, when heat is applied during Hot air and the via is covered on both sides the e


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