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0201 printing

Electronics Forum | Thu May 04 20:33:12 EDT 2023 | stephendo

Are you talking imperial or metric? A metric 0201 is three sizes smaller than an imperial 0201. The paper describes metric 0201 as about the size of a grain of sand. That would be pretty fine sand.

Re: IPC Component ID

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 29 04:34:14 EST 2000 | Marc

Micheal: Correct me if I am mistaken, but I think you have stumbled onto the age old battle between metric and imperial representations of component packaging. I have to deal with this every day as my machines are metric and the designers use imperia

Component Package/Classification

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 12 21:59:10 EDT 2005 | Al

These refer to the size of the component in imperial measurement. As for the table, search google. Al


Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 26 21:29:29 EDT 2005 | Ken

Where exactly does specific gravity help convert volume si units to imperial units? How about Google. search for volume converter or unit converter...

Hexi reflow CFM

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 10 03:39:39 EST 2014 | spoiltforchoice

Yes that does appear to be what they are saying. 600 CFM total sounds about right for a moderately sized oven. 4" is simply the imperial measurement 4 inches -Which is 120mm to those of us of European or engineering background.

Speedline AP/B printer metric option ?

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 13 08:55:06 EST 2019 | richardcargill

We've got an MPM Speedline AP/B that's in Imperial ( inch ) units - everything else here is Metric. Can this printer be configured to Metric units ? Software AP/UP2000 sw ver 7.0c currently installed if that makes any difference Cheers

Speedline AP/B printer metric option ?

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 13 12:23:57 EST 2019 | dman97

On our MPM UP3000's there is a configuration option in the maintenance menu. It has a button that changes from imperial to Metric.

Which (cheap / old) pick and place for 0402, 0.5mm FPC small line

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 18 20:37:14 EST 2022 | dwl

0402 imperial? all those machines should be able to handle that. Even an old Quad 4C can place those. As others have said, availability of parts in your area will be the issue.

SI units conversion Calculator

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 03 19:17:54 EDT 2002 | davef

I prefer 'YAUC' [Yet Another Unit Converter] by Marius Miller. YAUC converts between many units - Metric, Imperial and others. It supports 585 units, in 40 categories, including Acceleration, Angle, Area, Current, Density, Energy, Force, Frequency

Very thin laminate substrate problem with solder printing

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 31 08:59:24 EST 2017 | rob

Hi Joshua, We ran 150K per week this way, you just need a lot of pallets. Regarding dispensing I've seen 0201 (Imperial)paste dispensed, so about 0.4ish mm dots. I'm sure the Mydata printer is also pretty high resolution too, but not too quick.

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