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poor print definition

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 20 20:47:59 EST 2006 | davef

We assume your stencil is clean. So, try: * Reduce stencil separation speed. * Reduce squeegee pressure. If the pressure is not proper, excess number of particles are stuffed into an aperture and inner pressure / friction among particles increase, an

manual stencil print 2 passes

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 24 20:11:43 EST 2008 | xianhua_tang

hi,brettc! Our stencil openings no more than 4mm * 4mm, you have a larger component of the pads is more than a 4*4? At the same time, with the thickness of the stencil, I would like to increase the printing speed can be improved to reduce the thickne

How to improve the solder quality of QFN?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 24 07:02:35 EDT 2005 | davef

Problem 1: Solder shortage * Stencil aperatures [except the heat slug] should be 1:1 with the board. * Stencil should be 5 thou thick laser cut. * Board should be 1:1 with the component * Print should look good. Problem #2: Bad connection between p

what is the max print speed? thanks for your help

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 01 22:19:57 EDT 2007 | lvzhu

The solder that we used is kester EM918 and Multicore LS328. Our printer machine is DEK-photon, this machine has supply below 300mm/s. the datasheet solderpaste of speed range is 30 to 150mm/s. when we produce the keyboard of the moble phone, this bo

PastePuck enclosed paste printing system

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 18 14:00:25 EDT 2008 | rrpowers

There are 2 reasons for wanting to change to an enclosed print system: - Reduce solder paste usage. (We run a high volume application so any reduction in paste scrap is a big money saver to our company.) - Improved print quality. (Ours is a non-rew

Solder Paste Mixer

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 04 07:56:36 EDT 2008 | ck_the_flip

Does anybody use a paste mixer in their shop? I am looking at one that uses "Psuedo-Planetary Motion" to mix and soften solder paste. If someone answers "yes", has this benefitted your paste consistency and improved your print repeatability?

metal core/clad pcb

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 12 14:17:19 EDT 2010 | mikesewell

You might reduce your panel size, cut it in half and rotate to better utilize your edge clamping/board supports. Tape off your current stencil and see if it improves the print. A new stencil and a little extra handling may be cheaper than tooling.

Screen Printing Print Validation

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 02 04:28:58 EST 2005 | Simon

Hi James, I have worked in many SMT sites and this is not an uncommon practice. It is true that print deposit consistency will improve after the first few prints as the aperture walls become lubricated, but with modern stencils/paste and a well-desig

Which AOI /SPI System is the Best? Viscom S3088; Koh Young 8030 or Parmi Xceed

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 03 15:42:31 EST 2016 | tombstonesmt

The way I view SPI is that is simply a tool. A tool to gather data to improve printing and prevent failures down the line due to screen printer anomalies. They can all inspect paste as necessary, work in closed loop with screen printer and provide a

Re: Proflow of DEK screen printer

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 04 06:01:49 EDT 1999 | Earl Moon

| Dear sirs, | | If you have experienced Proflow of DEK screen printer, please let me know the details of it. | | Best regards, | | Jame Bond | | James, Stir, don't shake is not good advice for cleaning proflo heads. This thing works great, bu

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