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5% color spot in HIC

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 16 15:47:52 EDT 2012 | davef

Here's what Desco says ... Humidity Indicator Card (HIC) A card on which a moisture-sensitive chemical is printed such that it will change color from blue to pink when the indicated relative humidity is exceeded. This is packed inside the moisture-se

Key Production Indicators

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 18 09:31:11 EDT 2002 | Mark S.

As part of our Efficiency Improvement Plan I have been tasked at determining the Key Production Indicators from available production data. So I thought I would ask others what they thought were 1) the top production indicators for their facilites 2)

Humidity Indicator Crds in sealed packages of PCBs.

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 11 20:03:41 EDT 2022 | SMTA-69946521

I have a question about Humidity Indicator Cards (HIC) in sealed PCB packages. If a PCB package is temporarily opened where the HIC card indicates 20% humidity exposure and then the PCB package is resealed with a new HIC card. How is the 20% moisture

Dryer Indicator

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 24 02:21:14 EST 2005 | Nifhail

I've heard about the dessicator i.e.useless in sealed bags, ineffectual, but have not heard about the Dryer Indicator will contaminate the immersion Silver/Tin surface. Can someone help? I was told that the dryer indicator (HIC) that contains sulphur

Mydata - Level too high in pick

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 17 10:09:48 EDT 2012 | cyber_wolf

Phil is on the right track. Try this.... Go into the service program, and bring up the vacuum force indicators. Manually install a spring loaded tool into the Midas head. Once the tool is in the head, press on the tip of the nozzle with your finger.

Dryer Indicator

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 24 12:40:37 EST 2005 | ceo

I recommend dessicators

Sample assembly notes

Electronics Forum | Fri May 27 14:22:47 EDT 2022 | proceng1

I am not exactly clear on what you are looking for. From my customers, assembly drawing notes are assembly specific. If there is hardware, they might include the stack-up. If we are conformal coating, they usually indicate keep-out areas. If an LED

voids- leaded and chip components

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 13 22:07:42 EST 2004 | davef

No, there is no such information. Choices are: * Recognize that any voiding is a process indicator and that when observed, indicate a requirement for taking corrective steps. * Tell your quality people to quit looking at components other than BGA wi

HASL on Pads

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 14 22:49:46 EDT 2004 | Ken

Um...I would reject those boards. skip plating is a process indicator...a bad indicator. IF your building to class 3...I would get the rep in ASAP and reject the lot.

smt codes

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 01 09:28:20 EDT 2004 | Phil

Ozzy, it is a 1uf cap, not a .1. The 5 indicates 5 zeros after the 1. The MAX-232ACPE uses .1 uf caps. You indicated that it was not the "A" version. phil.hopkins@apcc.com

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