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Wave flux and profiling

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 19 16:26:24 EST 2006 | samir

Grant, Newer lead-free fluxes have 6%-10% solids content - more activator, therefore leave more "visible" residues. Old technology tin-lead fluxes got down to as low as around the 4%-6% range (I'm going off memory, so me might be wrong)... You'll

RMA flux affecting surface tension

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 26 12:52:04 EDT 2008 | circleprime

I have recently started to use RMA flux (customer requirement) for some of our projects. I am finding that some of my BGAs are slightly off. Not enough to be rejected but enough to cause concern. In the past I have been able to rely on the surface te

best foam flux for pb-free wave soldering with alloy Sn100

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 04 10:48:25 EDT 2007 | pjc

Indium Corp. has some, 3549-HF and 3590-T, both are OK for foaming. Most of the better performing newer fluxes require spray application for best performance. Alpha, Kester and others have wave fluxes too. http://www.indium.com/products/circuitboar

Indium Solder Hermetic Seal Voiding

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 11 22:15:27 EST 2007 | behrsam

it's a vacuum dewar so adhesives will eventually permeate and the vacuum would be lost. Sounds to me since I have the N2 capability, I definately should try it. I am obtaining Indium Flux and Solvent so I can adjust the activity when I start using

Kyzen or Zestron?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 08 08:26:14 EDT 2007 | davef

Testing for solder mask cure: Search the fine SMTnet Archives, for instance: http://www.smtnet.com/forums/Index.cfm?CFApp=1&Message_ID=15726 Residue after wave: Water in your wave soldering flux may cause your NC flux residue to go white. Indium W

ERSA Selective Solder questions

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 06 10:05:57 EDT 2013 | azhiker

OK guys, we got our Adipic acid. What is the preferred methode of applying it? a) Nozzle mounted, momentarily turn off wave and then brush? Or b)coat nozzle with the acid then mount it and turn wave on? By the way, we are using Indium flux WF-994

Solder Paste

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 12 14:30:13 EDT 2005 | KT

Senju for WS and Indium for NC. Flux is 2235 Kester !

Indium Solder Hermetic Seal Voiding

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 11 00:52:12 EST 2007 | behrsam

Mario, I tried a couple of profiles. In all cases the preheat ramps fairly slow, while the reflow utilizes the radiative heater to speed to reflow as quick as possible. I tried a quick profile and a slower one. The quick has about 15-20 sec at pre

Flip Chip Flux

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 03 16:55:26 EDT 2000 | Chris

Does anyone have any recomendations for a NC flip chip attach flux? I have info from Indium and Kester. Who else makes a good flux for flip chip. I will be dispensing this flux using a doctor blade and rotating disk. I will then dip the flip chip

Solder in wave soldering: Which one is the best?

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 28 13:47:53 EST 2005 | russ

PR, are you using the Indium or the Alpha Flux, I couldn't tell by your response. Russ

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