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Ferrite inductor corrosion

Electronics Forum | Sun May 17 03:44:30 EDT 2020 | dunks

Hello, has anyone had issues with uncoated ferrite smd inductors corroding/rusting from di water wash?

Ferrite inductor corrosion

Electronics Forum | Mon May 18 15:50:43 EDT 2020 | dunks

Data sheet does not say. Thanks, will likely be doing the same.

Ferrite inductor corrosion

Electronics Forum | Mon May 18 15:30:07 EDT 2020 | dwl

I've seen that before, had to switch to a no clean process for those boards. It's not typical for ferrites, usually its safe to wash them. Out of curiosity does the Data sheet say anything about whether or not they can be washed? In my case we lear

Renco Power inductor (RL-1608-S-330) - common failures??

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 09 14:41:12 EDT 2010 | ronchap200027

Has anyone had issues with Renco inductors failing. The component I'm having problems with is a 330uH shielded power inductor. Out of 36 board failures, I have 17 that failed because this inductor failed. Most often they end up reading -1.34 uH.

Wire insulation missing on a coil inductor

Electronics Forum | smith88 |

Sat Dec 11 16:38:14 EST 2021

SMT Inductor

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 23 11:23:58 EDT 2020 | umapoly

Hello Everyone please help me identify the Inductor with specification as Inductor 26mh 0805. This is a very critical Inductor for my project, however, this small Inductor couldn't be found.

large smt inductors moving in the reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 22 10:01:01 EST 2010 | jtsyeung

Since the inductor is electro-magnetic, that means the device is composite of coil and ferrite metal. The inductor inside the reflow oven meets with blower motors which close to the inductor and generate magnetic field. With such conditions, Lawren

waterwash of inductors

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 19 16:53:48 EST 2004 | grayman

Hi, We used to clean 20 pieces SMT inductors before but no problem with this process. Please confirm what type of inductors is it SMT or hole type. What type of chemical and machine you are currently using? Maybe I can help you out.

Green inductors

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 16 12:07:19 EST 2006 | dpmilk

We have been using Coilcraft 1008CS inductors for several years. We have had problems with them turning green when we use lead-free solder paste. We have tried several solder pastes (water soluble and no-clean)from different manufacturers, but the

Coilcraft Inductors Open

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 13 19:57:05 EDT 2014 | suroy

After wash cycle, some of the inductors are open (broken wire). Resistance across the two ends should be below 4 ohms (normal) however on broken wire shows above 200 ohms. I am wondering if anyone else has seen this problem. We are using High-Reliabi

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