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SMT control management software

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 20 11:26:19 EDT 2015 | heatherc

Take a look at Aegis (www.aiscorp.com). The machine vendor partnerships they have, and have maintained for over 15 years, ensure seamless integration with almost all machine platforms in the industry. The system is modular and can be a standalone s

Static control for shelving

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 08 18:00:34 EDT 2003 | kenBliss

Hi Bman At the risk of coming off as a �sales type�, you appear to be looking for a solution provider and probably opinions on your ideas. Regarding your method mentioned, This is not the most efficient way to run a stockroom but will work and will

motor control algorithm for pick & place machines

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 08 11:18:42 EST 2004 | Dave Euser

Hi everyone....I'm a student working on a short research project on industrial control algorithms - and part of the scope that we are looking at is SMT pick and place machines. I was wondering if anyone knows what type of control is used for the no

Cpk Variables Control for Paste Printing

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 04 09:22:35 EST 2002 | itempea

What are the normal control limits in the industry, for a well controlled process, using a 6 mils stencil? Should they be different according to the surface finish (higher UCL for ENIG, Im SN, etc, lower UCL for HASL)? Thanks, Ioan

Master Assembly Document Control

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 15 15:09:36 EST 2002 | Joshua Brown

Are there some good programs that can be used to organize and controle Master Assembly documents? Also help to control Engineering Change Notices (ECN). What are some programs that are being used in the SMT industry at this time for document cont

silicone conformal coat and electrical contacts

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 02 08:36:14 EST 2007 | CK Flip

Wow, I cut first cut my teeth in the Industrial motor control industry. My 1st company made motor control products like variable speed drives, solid state overload relays, soft starts, etc. and in our shop, we used nothing BUT Dow Corning silicone p

Cracked Capacitors - Analysis

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 09 22:12:03 EDT 2019 | eddy2019

The price increase of electronic components such as MLCC has not stopped. In recent years, driven by the development of electric vehicles, industrial control and other industries, the demand for MLCC products has increased rapidly. However, the overa

PCB Design Question - Hard gold or ENIG for keypad button contacts

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 17 07:23:29 EST 2017 | sevenfortyone

I'm a PCB designer working on a board that has a rubber keypad with control buttons mounted to it. The PCB contains the corresponding contact patterns for the buttons - a typical interlocking finger pattern. In the past when I've encountered this


Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 19 10:36:53 EDT 1999 | John O'Brien

| CAN ANYBODY ADVISE ME AS TO INDIVIDUAL PCB IDENTIFICATION THROUGH ASSEMBLY - THE PROS AND CONS | | THANKS | Leo: I have been doing a bit of research on this topic recently. I would be glad to discuss it with you. It seems the best technology is

Moisture sensitive ICs in repairs/refurb

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 07 10:02:01 EDT 2013 | sarason

In thirty years of Electronic service I have never had problems with moisture in boards when hand soldered. I have worked on boards in boxes for defense through industrial control, joy rides etc. Sometimes they some back buried in half an inch of dus

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ISVI - Industrial Sensor Vision International Corporation

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