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X-RAY inspection

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 24 06:33:13 EDT 2020 | rontgen

This is Evan from Rontgen industries that's specialized in designing and building cost-effective X-ray and industrial CT inspection systems,anyone is interested in cooperating with us,please contact me email: chunjian.zhu@irontgen.com

coating uv light inspection

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 26 03:52:03 EDT 2013 | danyquintard

Hi We produce electronic pcboards for the aircraft industry. Some of our clients think that the thickness of the varnish left is proportional to the intensity of the blue color of uv's pigments in the varnish. Out off, we know that is not true. The

First piece inspection

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 11 04:20:52 EST 2002 | wbu

It�s up to you what and how you perform. I was only wondering how your figures match with todays performance efforts and predictions made by the industry. The stress today is obviously on change over times and concepts to minimize this time especiall

Post reflow solder joint inspection

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 28 14:35:12 EST 2004 | swagner

Has anyone in the industry had even a fair amount of success inspecting reflowed solder joints to IPC class 3 standards? I am not interested in hearing from system reps or people who work for an AOI manufacturer. Thanks,

BGA inspection scope - Visual

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 19 16:58:11 EDT 2003 | blundell

We can speak from experience, the Ersascope needs only 1.5mm to see along side a device and is the only system that looks low enough, the cheaper systems may be fine for normal packages but forget it for csp's, micro BGA's Also its the only system th

Post reflow solder joint inspection

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 02 22:01:24 EST 2004 | Dean

I find this disturbing when customers dictate your process and equipment? Your responsibility is to deliver a quality product on time. Why would your customer care HOW you achieve this? Hence the success of Chinese manufacturing. I have one custo

CT Scan system for BGA inspection

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 27 07:23:22 EDT 2011 | edmaya33

North star Imaging and Dage CT can do a non destructive cross-sectioning. http://www.4nsi.com/industrial-x-ray-news/large-demand-for-nsi-x-ray-and-ct-systems

Questions about automatic X-ray inspection (AXI) machines.

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 27 17:32:51 EST 2016 | billthebuilder

We do High Mix, Low Volume and are looking for the best inline AXI with the criteria of industry-leading automation capabilities. The abilities to program offline, automatic conveyor width adjustment and board alignment are important to us. We want t

BGA testing - Xray

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 07 16:43:23 EDT 2005 | jam

We are starting to use high count BGAs (512). Is there an industry standard on how to inspect the BGAs. Should all BGAs be inspected with Xray equipment or is there other solutions? Thank you

Visual Inspection of PCBA

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 09 10:16:48 EDT 2019 | valletta

Hi, I am new to PCBA manufacture and would like to ask the experienced users whether it is normal to have 100% visual inspection in the industry? Or is AOI and ICT testers if programmed correctly enough? Thanks in advance David

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