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Types of vision recognition

Electronics Forum | Thu May 10 12:46:05 EDT 2001 | pteerink

Each sales rep you talk to has " the best machine that is going to revolutionize the industry".... There seem to be variuous different methods/calcualations used by AOI machines today ( greyscale, algorithyms etc ) Are there any methods that are stan

Types of vision recognition

Electronics Forum | Mon May 14 03:21:20 EDT 2001 | Eyal Duzy

Phil, In the considerations you make for choosing an AOI tool, you should check what a vendor delivers today and what will it be able to deliver in the future. As the role of AOI in the SMT production line evolves from "detection" to "prevention"

Affordable VisionBot Pick and Place Machine

Electronics Forum | Tue May 05 18:37:08 EDT 2015 | visionbot

Hi! I am Alexandru and I am a maker. Right now I am trying to build VisionBot which is a Surface Mount Technology assembly shooter that can be used to place SMD chips onto Printed Circuit Boards for PCBA. Practically the Vision Bot machine will ena


Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 29 00:38:57 EST 2012 | iqvisionmachine

About iQVision Incorporated in July 2011, iQVision’s mission is to provide reliable, robust vision-inspection solutions to Australian manufacturing industries, by establishing, then automating, objective quality processes. iQVision is a Matthews-af

Who can repair cognex cards?

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 16 18:41:17 EST 2006 | John Fisher

Unidec repairs of industrial electronics specializing in the surface mount (SMT) and through-hole circuit board equipment, robotics, vision systems and general automation. Plese see our website at http://www.unidec.com of call toll free at 888-701-00

Rep Responses in Forum, Possible Guidelines

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 13 22:46:37 EDT 2002 | caldon

OK another nugget- Those not wanting to hear anything from a Rep do not read on.--------------------------------------- Lets not forget what has has made this forum successful (those who have not read or have forgotten): Who are we? SMTnet.com is

Flip Chip

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 23 11:58:42 EDT 2001 | CAL

I personally like Universals GSM and the Siemens F series for placement machines and companies. Both have great laboratorys set up for Flip Chip processing.Both Also have industry leading experts on staff. Machine info: can they do tacky flux dispen

Industry Question

Electronics Forum | Thu May 02 17:35:15 EDT 2002 | davef

Dunno. Visioning markets beyond our factory walls may be a bit far afield for some of us. Consider contacting a market research firm. For instance Keith Robinson [Frost & Sullivan krobinson@frost.com 210-247-2402] wrote an article on the electron

Dek 265 GSX Cognex Card

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 14 21:22:48 EDT 2009 | adretech2

We are able to repair Cognex vision cards VM16, VM16A for DEK, MPM, Camalot and other machines. So far- 100% success. We are from Canada. We DO NOT ship your board to other repair shop and take commissions, like many others do. See http://www.art-ind

Researching placement machines - where do I start?!

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 09 15:58:09 EST 2009 | cellis

The biggest thing you will not get is the vision system like this. The 7722 has flying vision for most components and an upward looking vision camera for large components and BGA's. The older Quads had the Quad Align system which is laser vision.

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