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Preference on selective soldering brands? Used gear life?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 27 11:44:08 EST 2023 | poly

I'm now looking at Juki / Inertec and Ebso. I can get a used Ubso locally which would be very easy to deal with and they are also the dealer for Inertec / Juki. They will be around the same place but the Ebso will be refurbished and come with some wa

Selective Soldering

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 19 15:11:16 EDT 2006 | d0min0

Hi there, we use inertec els 3.0 and 4.0 machines regards

Selective Soldering Equipment

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 21 13:12:52 EDT 2011 | SBecmpe

Has anyone worked with an "Inertec ELS 2.0" selective soldering machine? Any idea of who the USA rep is? Or how to get documentation on this equipment that is in ENGLISH?

Stamp Soldering for THT ( throuh hole technology)

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 07 01:35:49 EDT 2019 | robl

Inertec have some quite nicely priced models. I've heard you can even get them in Juki blue...

Selective Solder Nozzle Life

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 21 12:28:17 EST 2023 | tommy_magyar

Hi there, I am using Inertec selective soldering. We do 8 hr shift, 5 days a week, lead-free at 300C - changing nozzles once in 4-6 weeks. Regards, Tom

Juki 460 Cube

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 02 14:01:03 EDT 2023 | tommy_magyar

I have a Cube 460 selective soldering system from Inertec...are we talking about the same thing just rebranded xyz times?

Juki 460 Cube

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 02 14:11:53 EDT 2023 | melissabergeron

Hi - I'm not familiar with Inertec. I'm not sure if they are compatible either. Do you have parts illustration or manual? Thanks

customized selective solder

Electronics Forum | Tue May 02 02:45:14 EDT 2017 | Rob

Hi Evtimov, I've seen lower cost versions around depending on your volume - Inertec Cube being the one most recently "introduced" to us. The Sales Engineer described a custom fixture for us called a stamp that would hit every joint at once. Noth

Selective soldering

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 26 23:02:22 EDT 2005 | crishan

Hello, We currently have huge quality issues with our Inertec selective solder machine, the model we have does not pump solder, rather the solder bath is raised to the product. We have continuing issues with bridging and non wetting of joints. We a

Selective Soldering - Lead Free

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 03 09:24:38 EDT 2005 | John S.

We are implementing a high volume dedicated product line that will be doing lead free selective soldering. There seems to be 3 basic technologies. Wire fed (Panasonic Softbeam or Laser), solder pumps and chimneys (Pillarhouse, SEHO, ERSA, etc) and

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