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SMT info

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 08 04:19:52 EDT 2002 | jetion

Hi! Chua: If you intersting for smt process, you can contrect with my E-mail: hjr@smt-info.com ,or visite website:www.smt-info.com. Best your Regards Jinrong Hu

IPC info

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 13 17:00:23 EST 2005 | davef


Mirtec info

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 09 16:20:08 EST 2010 | snigro

This thread is to provide info for users of the Mirtec Machines. My name is Steve and I am the service manager for Mirtec USA. If you need help feel free to contact us at service@mirtecusa.com or post here at this thread. Thanks Steve

Mirtec info

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 11 13:05:25 EST 2010 | snigro

Rodrigo Mirtec provides a 2nd owner support package for companies that have purchased a used machine on the market.For quotes and further info please contact the office, or check our website at mirtecusa.com

SMT info

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 13 16:30:10 EDT 2001 | kenbliss

Another place to get a lot of info on the handling process of SMT is at http://www.blissindustries.com and click on Bliss University. We have created this section of our site for people to learn new ideas and methods of the handling process of a car

Mirtec info

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 11 12:41:48 EST 2010 | rodrigo

What support options are there for someone that bought a used Mirtec AOI MV-2HTL? Thanks

Mirtec info

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 11 15:34:36 EST 2010 | rodrigo

What's available for free? Thanks

Startup info

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 28 17:37:18 EST 1998 | Joann Moore

I am looking for a questionaire/list of items that need to be addressed to determine the pros/cons and equipment, manpower, cost and lead time to determine if one should consider setting up an in-house SMT line. Can anyone help? thanks

SMT info

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 10 21:16:12 EDT 2001 | Chua

I'm new in SMT, can anyone can tell me where can I get information on SMT process. Eg :- process flow, reflow profile ( what to look for ). I'm interested on SMT process. Can someone help........Thanks.

SMT info

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 10 22:12:42 EDT 2001 | davef

Welcome to one of the coolest jobs in the world!!!! Search the fine SMTnet Archives on things like: * Books * Training * Boot camp * Trade shows [ie, APEX, SEMI, NEPCON] * Trade journals, then sign-up for subscriptions to all of them * SMTA, EMPF, I

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