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Running with sn100c in my solder pot!

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 27 10:27:41 EDT 2006 | PWH

Isn't Initech, Inc from the movie "Office Space"? I think that gets a "TM", not Bahodim. Not a start-up company, either. That movie has been around a few years.

Running with sn100c in my solder pot!

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 26 10:37:59 EDT 2006 | smt_guru

Jay---- Please contact me if you are interested in the new alloy that my firm, WCS, inc. has invented. Bahodim (TM) solder is successfully being used by a startup in Florida, Initech, inc. Bahodium has out-performed SAC, Tin-Lead and SN100 in re


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