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Dek265MK1 failing to initialise

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 03 06:45:38 EDT 2009 | aj

machine wont initialise after breaker tripped when machine was powered down over the weekend. All PSU's check out fine along with Estop circuit. I get the command to press system button but thats as far as it goes. any ideas welcomed

DEK 265 Horizon

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 02 02:52:09 EST 2021 | dekhead

I assume you are saying that the rail width doesn't initialise when you initialise machine, but when you go into diagnostics and then exit diagnostics it initialises properly. (Not sure what cycling board on belts has to do with it). Have seen, on mu

Need CSM Toolbox

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 21 08:06:13 EST 2005 | dwensker

Did you solve your problem finally ? I ask because we have same problem (Data initialisation). regards

Dek Horizont 3

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 17 08:32:07 EDT 2014 | max83

File: CAMERMOD.C Line: 5424 Routine: vis_initialise_vision_system Error: 102 Time: Wed Sep 17 08:39:28 2014 Inside log.

Siplace F5

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 15 00:09:59 EST 2024 | erici

Does anybody know how to disable the RV head on a Siplace F5 machine. Our machine is configured with a 6-head RV head and an IC head. We are having problems with the RV head, and machine wont initialise without finishing the RV head reference run.

problem with a MPA-80 ( NM 2529-T )

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 31 08:40:28 EST 2003 | tommy

The 1block switch in front,rear & air down sensor are connected in series. Another suggestion is to initialise the setting.Make sure you have a copy of the initial data before doing it. Tell us what is your finding.Maybe you already have a solution.

Hti -7pc / Hti-7nt Problem

Electronics Forum | Mon May 03 18:03:43 EDT 2004 | ms

Have any of you had experience with Hti-7pc or Hti-7nt printers? Our one's computer died, and with the replacement we get a "Servo drive failed - during startup" error message during initialisation. I understand Hti are no longer in business. Mike

Dek MK1

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 21 03:02:02 EDT 2006 | aj

All, We had a power cut the today. Machine times out on Actuators and Paste Dispenser hence it will not Initialise fully. I have traced back each related card but all seem to check out fine. Next step is PSU (looks awkward to access) Any ideas fe

DEK 265

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 19 09:34:27 EST 2010 | baildl632

Thanks for the support. Maybe you can help me with another problem. I get a pate dispensor error command time out, which clears itself, then a screen actuator error command time out that doesn't clear during initialisation. Machine won't do anything


Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 20 14:23:50 EDT 2010 | dekhead

No, there is not a way to initialise into the diagnostics menu with the head raised / covers open. Literally lowering the head manually (prop head, disconnect actuator, etc) is naturally possible, but not receommended... and based upon your symptom

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