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Removing Markings from Devices

Apr 29, 2008 | All: I am interested in how process engineers are both removing and adding markings to active devices. We have a job where we have to both remove the markings of and the re-mark SOICs. The markings on the devices look like they are pad or ink jet printed. For removal we have tried ISOpropyl

Dover Coporation selling Vitronics Soltec

Sep 1, 2006 | Rick, I think Autosplice and Berg did that but of course, it was a little before my time. But the comparison is the same as what HP does with injet printers and the ink cartridges which for some reason made me think of a screen printer someone made that was like an ink-jet and did not use stencils

Screen Printers

Oct 21, 2005 | the equiptment. With the products i have i can do a %100 cotton 6.1 oz. t-shirt full color design front and back full image for $2.21, this includes t-shirts also, it is a laser transfer, not suplimation or ink jet. I encourage you to atleast check it all out, i changed from screen printing

Inkjet marking system

Aug 10, 2004 | The alternatives are ink-jet and laser and you'll spend way over $20,000 for that solution! Screen printing is still the best at ROI when doing multiple panels and lot's of legends. We used a rubber stamp inked with Hysol for smaller quantities and other specialized electronic component marking


Mar 8, 2002 | I manufacture industrial ink jet printers. I have a new application to join an unpopulated flex circuit to a light ly populated PCB. Production requirements are rather low. The area To join is 300 solder balls on the flex occupying an area of 5/8 inch by 3 inch. This area also needs

PCBoard Marking

Sep 5, 2001 | Hello Michael, Laser marking and ink jet marking are now offered by a wide array of suppliers. The was a bit of a boom at APEX last year in the number of suppliers for these systems. Many have tried label placing but have run into a number of concerns with effective label picking and placement . Simplimatic Automation offers a series of laser/ink jet marking systems that can use YAG, CO2, indirect laser marking or simple ink jet marking. These systems allow for barcoding, alpha numeric marking, & logo marking. Depending on your production requirements they can configure the platform for your

laser or ink jet marking of pcb's

Mar 8, 2001 | We've been using pre-printed labels on our PCB's for years, with 8 - 10 hours a week down time assoc

laser or ink jet marking of pcb's

Mar 7, 2001 | I agree. The bar coded label you use should not be affected by the solder mask of the board. The l

laser or ink jet marking of pcb's

Mar 7, 2001 | Barcode needs a light colour backgroup so that the scanner can read. No way you can mark on the sold

laser or ink jet marking of pcb's

Mar 6, 2001 | laser or ink jet marking of pcb's I am looking at putting a laser or ink jet marking system for barcoding of pcb's in our smt production area. As and inline system it will need the capability to handle different size boards. We use dark green pcb's except for couple red and blues mixed in, so contrast might be a problem. I'm also

Serial Numbering of PCB's (?)

Feb 3, 2000 | This is getting to be a more common practice, especially with the application of a 2-D bar code directly to the board (via laser, ink jet,etc.) Some really major companies are jumping on the bandwagon because it also allows treating each board as a lot of one. It allows process analysis

lifetime tests of PCB markings

Sep 27, 1999 | upon the method employed to mark the board. Laser marking should last the life of the board, ink jet is dependent upon the characteristics of the ink used. (Typically, a white pad is screened on, then the mark ink jetted onto the pad.) Even if 30% of the mark is obliterated, the full set of data

Reflow Oven

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