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3d printing Quad feeder rollers

Jan 6, 2017 | AS wonderful as your experiment in 3D printing is. WOuld you have been better off taking a print feeder roller out of an inkjet , with the right diameter and cutting to size on a dropsaw! Another approach is to find a supplier in the printing industry they can sell rubber rollers in all sorts

Using Injet Printer on Juki KE-740

Jan 20, 2009 | We have a Juki KE-740 I would like to use a HP-612 Inkjet printer instead of a dot matrix printer to print out the production info, is this possible, I don't see the option to load printer drivers on the menu, and the Inkjet doesn't print correctly. Am I stuck using a Dot Matrix or can I install

Juki KE-740 Printer

Jan 8, 2009 | Is it possible to use an HP Deskjet 612C inkjet printer on a Juki KE-740 (or do I need to use a dot matrix?) TIA Rich

Bar Coding - auto print and apply solutions

Mar 27, 2007 | I'm actually in the process of phasing in direct inkjet marking on my bare boards. The MEK based inks dry almost on contact, and the machines I have use a videojet excel HD printhead. I'm looking forward to see how it works for us. I think it may be pretty cool, no labels to deal with. Unit

Dover Coporation selling Vitronics Soltec

Sep 1, 2006 | Rick, I think Autosplice and Berg did that but of course, it was a little before my time. But the comparison is the same as what HP does with injet printers and the ink cartridges which for some reason made me think of a screen printer someone made that was like an ink-jet and did not use stencils

Flex Circuit Suppliers

Jul 5, 2005 | North America's domestic flexible circuit production is approximately $858 million. [Harvey Miller, Fabfile Online] Company||Global $M||US $M||Major application||Assembly content 3M||380||78||Inkjet cartridge||Flex only, no assy M-Flex||283||50||Cell phone||>60% assy Hutchison||150||150||Disk drive

Inkjet marking system

Aug 10, 2004 | Inkjet marking system The alternatives are ink-jet and laser and you'll spend way over $20,000 for that solution! Screen printing is still the best at ROI when doing multiple panels and lot's of legends. We used a rubber stamp inked with Hysol for smaller quantities and other specialized electronic component marking

Inkjet marking system

Aug 9, 2004 | Nope, labels are not an option

Inkjet marking system

Aug 6, 2004 | Are labels an option?

Inkjet marking system

Aug 4, 2004 | I am looking for an inexpensive way to mark pcb's. Anyone out there got any ideas? I need to print

URGENT: Best Display Tech For My Product

Jun 13, 2003 | : >= 256 Colors per pixel, thus >= 8 shades/intensities per subpixel. OR, if its affective, something similar to Inkjet Color Printing using the CYMK model and dithering, thus 4 specific colors per pixel. Graphical display. ++ Resolution: >= 40 pixels/inch | Display Area Dimensions: 80 x 200 display

laser or ink jet marking of pcb's

Mar 7, 2001 | .182 Guideline For Bar Code Print Quality Print defines bar code print quality requirements. It�s available from Automatic Identification Manufacturers. The ability of current technology inkjet printers to print acceptable quality labels is dependent on the surface of the label. I submitted a review of "The

laser or ink jet marking of pcb's

Mar 7, 2001 | Barcode needs a light colour backgroup so that the scanner can read. No way you can mark on the solder mask and become readable. I found most of the time the investment cannot be paid back within 5 years. Most of the time it is product requirement that drives the need for laser/inkjet. Labels still

Permanent Marking Ink for ID# on PCB while circuit board is being built on Flowline

Jul 7, 2000 | You ought to consider Data Matrix directly marked on the boards It can be done with laser, inkjet, or other permanent marking methods. Never falls off, can be read even if 30% is obliterated. For an example, check any AMD (K6, K7) or Intel Pentium class CPU and Palm (formerly 3Com) board

Laser Marking using 2D Matrix Code

Dec 17, 1999 | different marking techniques they use on PCBs - laser, inkjet, etc. and the positives and negatives of each. For example, they have provided methods to serialize boards, post the board's repair history right on the board in DM format, and update it each time it is serviced. They work closely with NASA

Automated Labeling for SMT Assembly

Oct 29, 1999 | We considered direct marking already John. It's not very practical for us to do that. We need to put labels on components as well as boards. A laser or inkjet would cause us to have to change too many things in our processes. We'd still need to do labeling too. Most of our boards are pretty

Automated Labeling for SMT Assembly

Oct 19, 1999 | pad and inkjet the blank boards. Either way, your costs go down, you can serialize or lot label, pack 10 times the info in the same space, add readers and you can "error proof" the line by verifing the program on the shooters before each board enters it. Total unit level traceability

Digital Camera

Aug 24, 1999 | print a very acceptable 20 x 15 cm image at 720 dpi on my old Epson inkjet and at 15 x 10 cm, it is better than any printed photo in a book. BTW, there is an American company purportedly on the verge of marketing a multi-zillion CCD device which is 24 x 36 mm and is claimed to fit in the back of any 35


Aug 19, 1999 | technology and either lasers or inkjet printers. In recent weeks, visiting a number of contract manufacturing houses to discuss this, I have found a wide variety of justifications and applications. One organization uses individual serialization of all boards on each panel to error-proof manufacturing

Why Bar Code?

Jul 14, 1999 | 's your using remove the ink ? The other this is how the heck to I generate the barcode to start with I use a zebra printer - thermal transfer or an inkjet type and then there's the software to drive the printer and the code generation. There are load's of topic's here and it's not as simple as what

Barcode printing on the PCB

Mar 12, 1999 | Manufacturers who have to mark barcodes onto PCB's without secondary application of pressure sensitive labels can etch it on, screen it on, inkjet it on, use laser marking, or a combination of those. Using a laser marker to write a code into a label sized screened (white legend ink )field by ablating into the contrasting coating seems to be the most popular choice. One could inkjet over this white field as well. Some of the new 2D bar codes can be read with minimal contrast by the new CCD readers and may not require this white field at all. All or none of these methods may be successfull


SMT in-printer dispensing