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IC Solder Voiding

Nov 21, 2019 | Ok, Question for all of you quality inspectors out there. Would you consider the IC image here to

Desktop AOI machine

Aug 27, 2019 |

What is needed for UL ?

Aug 7, 2017 | The only people that can answer what you need is UL. At least once a year an inspector from UL st

Immersion Silver Issues

Aug 4, 2017 | So i am a quality inspector and i am having issues with the immersion silver PCB. I have found the v

Mirtec AOI

Aug 18, 2016 |

EKRA E4 password question

Jan 27, 2014 | Try 2211, on the X5's this is reserved for inspector, but it may be what you're looking for.

OSHA regs and safety glasses

Dec 12, 2012 | OSHA regulates eye protection under 29 CFR 1910.132 I've had inspectors confirm that eye protecti

Counterfit parts

Feb 17, 2012 |

Toe down configuration

Jul 6, 2011 |

First piece PCBA validation

May 31, 2011 | Hi SSager, Check out the FA Inspector. It provides 1 Automatic Detection Mode and 2 Manual Inspe

AOI-problems lifted lead on qfp-100

Nov 4, 2010 | The best method i have for the few lifted/bent lead issues we have is i use a ic/bridge inspector wi

Digital Inspection Scope

Oct 21, 2008 |

Digital Inspection Scope

Oct 17, 2008 | Does any one know of digital scope that can hooked to a PC to aid the QC inspectors in inspecting th

Is it good or is it bad?

Jul 10, 2008 |

Safety Glasses

Mar 31, 2008 | As for inspectors we only make it necessary for them wear when they leave thier stations or clipping

Safety Glasses

Mar 31, 2008 |

3-D Solder Paste Inspection

Mar 20, 2008 | Does anybody have any reasonable experience with an in-line Solder Paste Inspector that actually is


Jan 11, 2008 |

Paste printing, acceptable tolerance ?

May 26, 2006 | Thanks for the inputs. No time for DOE's (you know the drill). I need to get this inspector off my a

Paste printing, acceptable tolerance ?

May 25, 2006 | Having an issue with our paste inspector (human type). Were printing paste on .5mm pitch pads (ML

Internal Oven Calibration

Feb 13, 2006 | Hi Grant, Most inspectors want your oven temps close to what you normally run your product. I'v

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