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Stencil Tension

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 27 16:12:36 EDT 2004 | Grayman

Hi ALL, Please confirm what measuring instrument do you use on stencil measurement. may we know the brand and website of this instrument.? We also need to measure the sencil tension but we do not have the instrument. Thank you, Arman

Royce Instruments

Electronics Forum | Mon May 03 20:00:44 EDT 1999 | Todd Kuchta

I would like any information on Royce instruments. They make table top test equipment and pick and place machines. Anyone who may have purchased or used one of their machines. Also, who are their competitors. Why would I buy their equipment and w

ROSE Test Instruments

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 12 08:39:32 EST 2004 | davef

The reliability of the measurements provided by your instrument is indicated by consistency. This is a process control tool. it does not provide absolute measurements. It does is not tie to the NBS, er whatever they use in the land of the frozen t

SPC and Wave

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 14 10:37:15 EDT 2005 | pjc

Here are links to the web sites for three instruments specifcally designed to monitor wave solder process. Some have SPC logging capabilities: http://www.ecd.com/emfg/instruments/waverider/ http://www.swpc.co.il/wso.htm http://www.solderstar.com/w

Polar Instruments ToneOhm 950

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 29 14:58:42 EST 2006 | eds

Does anyone have or know of a Polar Instruments ToneOhm 950 Short Locator, that they are willing to part with? Please advise.

Thick Film Screen Printer

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 10 06:20:45 EDT 2016 | semiconsoft

Semiconsoft is a premier source of thin-film thickness measurement instruments. Visit here for more thickness measurement instrument: http://www.semiconsoft.com/wp/products/

Universal Instruments Feeders?

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 04 12:25:25 EST 2018 | reckless

I am looking at a Universal Instrument Machine that accepts 24V/42V feeders. What is the benefit of the newer feeders? Which ones are more reliable for 8mm? Why are they so expensive? Pneumatic Yamaha run $50 new from china.

Temp/Humidity Recorders Coverage

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 07 18:07:59 EST 2003 | davef

J-STD-001 prescribes acceptable temperature and humidity ranges for electronic assembly, but does not discuss required instrumentation, nor its accuracy nor coverage. We're unaware of another standard that requires such a thing. The standards of to

Internal Oven Calibration

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 13 13:19:35 EST 2006 | pjc

ECD's OvenRIDER is the only instrument I know that can measure thermal transfer efficiency of a an oven. I suppose it would work for environmental chambers too. This instrument has thermocouples to measure ambient temp of oven zones and well as hi-ma

Universal instruments registration

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 20 01:28:49 EDT 2002 | lysik

My only comment on this e-mail is VERY GOOD POINT. All the best Christopher

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