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solder pre-forms

Electronics Forum | Wed May 29 08:43:12 EDT 2002 | zanolli

Various solder metal supplies sell pre-forms as loose individual shapes, usually donuts. The loose performs then are placed on the connector leads. If you have any volume at all, you would want to look at a �shake table� that would vibrate a batch of

Reliability of solder joint

Electronics Forum | Thu May 26 21:09:01 EDT 2005 | thaqalain

The reliability of a Gullwing component solder joint is in question when insufficient solder is evident: *at the heel of the lead *at the toe of the lead *none of the above

expired solder paste

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 04 01:39:21 EDT 2008 | slthomas

All of what Dave says is spot on. I suspect that the most likely corresponding defects on your assemblies would be poor wetting and insufficient solder.

Problem with solder joints in wave solder

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 15 21:55:41 EST 2014 | padawanlinuxero

we do that and there's a variation on the solder temp. sometimes around 10 degrees, we have 2 solder pallets that are run in intervals of roughly 3 1/2 minutes a part (the time that take the operator to put all 3 terminals in a 42 pcbs per board, and

AOI for solder inspection

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 07 14:05:43 EST 2009 | doremi

Hi, I have 4 years as an AOI Process Engineer and we are working with 3 types of AOI - Marantz 22X, VI3000 and Omron (RNS & VT-WIN2). For solder joint inspection (solder meniscus quality, insufficient solder, wetting problems, shorts (bridges) Omron

Insufficient solder joint

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 14 10:36:42 EST 1999 | Paul Peterson

I recently encountered reflow soldering defects on a pair diode package, the smd pad had a green contamination, I'm convinced that this is not oxidation. The no-solder condition appears to be caused by a sloppy soldermask process, although over the y

Re: Insufficient solder joint

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 14 11:08:19 EST 1999 | John Thorup

I think you're on the right track Paul. You didn't mention what type of solder mask was used but I'll presume that it was LPI (liquid photo imagable). If development of the image is incomplete some mask can remain where it is unwanted. Sometimes im

Re: Insufficient solder joint

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 14 11:08:59 EST 1999 | Wolfgang Busko

Hi Paul, you got to find the reason first before any measures can be taken. You have to determine wether it happend somehow at your site or at the boardhouse, you can�t blame them without reason. As long as it is suspected that more of those panels

Re: Insufficient solder joint

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 14 11:13:43 EST 1999 | Chris May

Paul, I have (as many have) come across this problem due to misregistration of resist at the PCB fab. You didn't say if these boards are inexpensive double sided or costly multis. I know this shouldn't make a difference on quality but I would tend t

No solder and solder bridge after Wave solder machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 17 21:46:48 EST 2005 | C. Kolokoy

With DIP type components, a sub-par fluxing method (foaming a no-clean), and a chip wave where one is not needed are formulas for bridging and insufficient wetting. If you have SMD's on the wave solder side of the board greater than 0603, and no SOT

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