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Adhesion for jumper wires with PTFE insulation

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 05 19:14:24 EST 2020 | victorzubashev

Hi all, what you can suggest using as an instant and reliable adhesion for jumper/hook up wires with PTFE insulation during SMT rework on FR4 PCBs? Cheers, Victor

Adhesion for jumper wires with PTFE insulation

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 05 20:13:13 EST 2020 | sarason

precut wirewrap wires. sarason

Adhesion for jumper wires with PTFE insulation

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 06 07:31:30 EST 2020 | stephendo

Loctite Tak Pak. You can also get an accelerator to go with it.

Wire insulation missing on a coil inductor

Electronics Forum | smith88 |

Sat Dec 11 16:38:14 EST 2021

Wire soldered directly on the PCB

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 28 14:18:46 EDT 2013 | proceng1

I don't see any requirement for a ferrule on the wire. As long as your insulation clearance is twice the insulation diameter or less and the insulation doesn't interfere with the solder joint, it should pass Class 3.

Insulator against Solder pins

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 18 16:55:08 EDT 2011 | asksmt

Hi All, i am soldering battery to the back side of PCB and there are some TH Pins comes right BELOW the battery body. Can you please suggest any kind of insulating material / tape which i can use and the insulator between solder pins and battery bod

Solder Tip Shroud

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 25 14:40:22 EDT 2002 | Claude_Couture

McMaster.com has ceramic fiber insulation in ribbon form, p/n 87575K89. you might check this up. It is use for high temp insulation, like in furnace. Come in different thickness, width, etc...

Soldering Help

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 11 04:14:24 EDT 2006 | Rob

1) Use insulated wire & only strip back as much as you need for a good joint. 2) Wrap insulation tape around each joint (package lead with wire) after soldering to avoid any possibility of touching.

It does say Electronics Forum

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 06 01:08:17 EDT 2017 | tsvetan

potting the board with epoxy will make it non repairable the same insulation effect you would achieve if you just put around the inductors some styrofoam or other sound insulator without messing with epoxy

TS-2414-V Insulating Varnish

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 01 11:18:06 EDT 2019 | bulur

Is TS-2414 insulating varnish material suitable for conformal coating of PCBAs? How can its performance be tested? What properties should be looked for on its data specs to conduct initial assessment if it is a suitable coating material?

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