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Sequential against intelligent part number systems

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 10 11:55:18 EDT 2017 | emeto

I am going to implement a part number system in our production. Still debating what is the better approach. Does anyone use intelligent part number system(where numbers integrates part package, value, tolerance, carrier, voltage requirements....)? I

Sequential against intelligent part number systems

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 10 13:27:29 EDT 2017 | dilogic

I prefer simple sequential P/N system. We use digits 0-9 and english aplhabet (total of 34 characters). Letters I and O are ommited to avoid mix-up with digits 1 and 0. P/N is 6 characters long - long enough to cover ~1.5 billion parts but short eno

Sequential against intelligent part number systems

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 10 12:55:33 EDT 2017 | stephendo

I WAS a huge fan of fully coded part numbers. One customer had some part numbers that must have been over 30 characters(maybe some over 40) long and some about 6 or 7. PTH parts can be the worst because it seems like back in the day a 1N4001 was a 1

Production Floorstock - Let's Brainstorm!

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 01 03:36:23 EDT 2010 | sibbe

Dean, As u use intelligent feeders, isn't it possible to let them count the mispicks as well? On our Samsung machines it counts the mispickes, but we don't have intelligent feeders. I could imagine the system of counting mispicks could be connecte


Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 10 07:28:34 EDT 2022 | kojotssss

Intelligent Part Sensor :)

Intelligent twin tape feeder from Assembleon

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 10 04:55:55 EDT 2004 | Daniele

Hi all Has anyone experience with intelligent twin tape feeder from Assembleon? Is it worth to interest? What are restrictions and drawbacks? Daniel

Intelligent feeders

Electronics Forum | Mon May 12 07:29:17 EDT 2008 | chrispink1

Trying to talk to these intellegent feeders, especially the FuJI NXT, anyone have any info that may be useful ?

Low Budget X-Ray Inspection Machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 22 11:12:22 EDT 2021 | smtconnie

Hi, We supply X-ray inspection machine with competitive price and high quality. As a global intelligent equipment provider, we have continued to provide intelligent electronic equipment for global customers since 2012. Any interest, welcome to co

SC Simulations is looking for a PCB Designer

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 16 21:04:09 EDT 2009 | jrsteensen

Hello! Looking for a PCB designer for several projects for a small home simulations company me and a buddy are starting up. We need PCBs for Intelligent LED displays, for MFD Bezels, and various hardware interfacing. Minimum Requirements: Familiari

Faster Than Lightning!

Electronics Forum | Wed May 22 11:58:32 EDT 2019 | emeto

If the setup is not huge, I would say get the ASM. They have great setup optimizer. You can have multiple reels if the same parts on the setup and have all the setup in front of the machine, so your operator don't have to circle around all the time.

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