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Touch or no touch-up

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 11 09:44:01 EST 2005 | pjc

A touched-up solder joint is never as reliable as one soldered correctly by machine. Touching up adds more heat thereby increasing the thickness of the intermetalic bond. Our goal is to have the thinest intermetalic bond in our solder joints. The int

Solder Joint

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 26 11:18:54 EST 2007 | samir

Chunks! Good to see you here. From what I've been taught, and from what I've read, the strength of the solder joint is in the intermetallic bond which occurs at the atomic level. A solder FILLET is an indicator that wetting took place.

ABW Systems TSC1008

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 25 12:12:46 EST 2005 | pjc

To state whether an oven can or cannot "do lead free" very much depends on what type of product you need to solder. High thermal mass products are problems for 4 and 5 zones ovens becauase they typically cannot follow the solderpaste mfrs. profile, u

Sn63Pb37 on RoHS compliant PWB

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 12 17:34:05 EDT 2007 | carsan

We are running RoHS compliant & non RoHS compliant assemblies. We buy our bare boards from one supplier that only manufactures RoHS compliant boards using a Sn100 finish. Is there any known issues running leaded solder on a Tin finish? Does normal

MLC reflow using high temp Sn10Pb90 solder balls

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 08 10:52:22 EST 2012 | Bryan Ng

I am considering using high-temp ball Sn10Pb90 + eutectic solder paste for MLC reflow (no underfill). You can see that there is no Intermetallic bond for the paste and the balls. Under high stress/shock condition, the solder joints develop micro c

Pb alloy reflow temperatures and component integrity

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 22 14:59:55 EDT 2000 | Mike Naddra

What does the reflow profile look like , the question I had was surrounding the higher reflow temperature and the max temperature that lowest thermal mass components will see. Some other questions that I had were surrounding the components , what of


Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 17 12:58:15 EDT 2002 | babe

I agree with everything stated thus far. However, what soldering iron are you using. You may be able to solder the pin with an iron that delivers continuous heat and if there is room utilize a large tip as a heat reservoir. What happens is that the i

Dispensing Molten Solder

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 20 12:04:29 EST 2009 | markhoch

Okay, after taking an actual minute to think about my suggestion, it has dawned on me that filling a metal cavity with molten solder to make a solder connection is not a good idea. By doing so I wouldn't be giving the metal cavity sufficient time to

Electroless Nickel/Gold finish

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 17 10:17:10 EDT 2001 | genny

Hi, ENIG finish is the same reason I came to this forum for the first time a few months ago. I found a bunch of useful information by searching the archives. Check it out. ENIG has some good properties like flatness, and the process control has i

BGA inspection scope - Visual

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 23 04:00:43 EDT 2003 | Paul Cooper

Hi there There are a number of things worth considering when viewing bga's. Firstly, like any other solder joint that you have been inspecting for years, suface finish is critical. Secondly, and again like other joints shape is important. Now it may

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