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getting boards clean

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 17 16:12:48 EDT 2000 | John Maxwell

We are using a water wash paste for our boards which is leaving ionic contamination ( salts). In the presence of low humidity levels this creates the effect of a capacitor. Our product which is test instrumentation does not calibrate. I am lookin

Cleaning no-clean residue

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 16 21:21:12 EDT 2001 | davef

Two off the top of my head are: 1 Fluxing / soldering process is either not in-control or not capable. 2 Ionic materials on the board board or components compromise the LT reliability of the product.

Whitish Solder Joint

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 04 05:04:49 EST 2003 | iman

10Mohm DI washing. On the paste supplier recommendation, we sent sampling boards for Ionic Contamination test with specs

Whitish Solder Joint

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 04 09:28:59 EST 2003 | davef

Q1: Anyone has any ideas on how this post-SMT reflow solder joint could have changed to whitish joint? A1: Dunno. You need to tell us more. For instance: * What is the appearance of this white residue? [eg, glassy / coarse, milky colored / opaque,

Conformal Coating over PBGA

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 13 18:12:20 EDT 2003 | Carol

Has anyone tried to get conformal coating under a BGA? (large package MPC555). There is a concern with ionic/metal bridges developing between contacts due to accumulation of dust/humididty. Final product is Class 3 (aerospace). Thanks, Carol

PCB Cleaning

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 14 15:24:57 EDT 2004 | Jarmato

You may also want to investigate an Ionic contamination tester. You can check with Alpha, Westek or an equipment broker to find a used tester. If you switch to OA fluxes this will be an important test to perform on a regular basis.

Un-cured conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 29 17:44:13 EDT 2004 | davidcb

Davef, thanks for inputs. I think your correct, we have since obtained some ionic analysis and sure enough there is relatively high chlorides on the bare pcbs. The toluene is controlled within dip tank / drying system, almost no exposure to workers.

Ionograph or Omegameter

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 08 15:17:35 EST 2004 | caldon

The EMPF published a nice article, now old but relative, to Cleanliness. www.empf.org Under Technical Docs The listing is ... RR0013 - An In-Depth Look at Ionic Cleanliness Testing - August 1993. Cal

Cleaning of PCBA's

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 14 12:48:54 EDT 2005 | russ

boards greater than this spec. can cause latent failure, Do not confuse no-clean assembly materials (nocleaning required) vs. clean chemistries that must be cleaned. You do not want ionic contaminants on your products.

how clean is clean?

Electronics Forum | Thu May 26 19:32:13 EDT 2005 | Mike Konrad

Three popular methods: Resistivity of Solvent Extract (ROSE) Test Method IPC-TM-650 2.3.25: The ROSE test method is used as a process control tool to detect the presence of bulk ionics. The IPC upper limit is set at 10.0 *g/NaCl/in2. This test is p

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