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Water Quality Requirements to wash boards

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 18 17:00:05 EDT 2002 | JamesL

We do cleanliness testing each morning using a Zero Ion tester. Our pass/fail number is set at 37ug/square inch NaCl. We are rarely above 10ug/square inch NaCl. We use Aqueous flux. Our inline washer has a prewash (70psi@130 degrees F), wash (?psi),

Ionograph Testing

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 04 16:56:25 EST 2006 | dajesk2003

We have an Ionograph 500 M SMD II tester. A couple of months ago, it began failing bare boards at a very high rate. We use 10ug/in2 as our standard. Typically we would fail, maybe one board every 6 months. In the past two months, at least 15 boar


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