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Fog Test

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 26 17:02:07 EDT 2002 | davef

Never heard of flux residues forming a lense. The first thing that comes mind when thinking about your 'fog test' is: Ionic Contamination While this seems pretty far afield from your interest in optical effects, I'll continue briefly. A reverse

Water Cleaning PCBs

Electronics Forum | Thu May 30 10:06:20 EDT 2013 | rgduval

In general, it would not be advisable. DI water is used for a couple of reasons. First, the missing ions aid in the cleaning process, as they seek to bond with the material on the board, allowing the water to act like a fairly aggressive solvent.

Cleanliness: Cross Contamination of Flux

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 12 20:46:16 EDT 2007 | Mag10

We've configured SMT and Wave lines such that each line can run either No-Clean and Water soluble process. As we are doing cleanliness study, an observation is there may be cross contamination when we share the Rework benches or PCB trays between No-

adhesive on pads

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 01 20:10:24 EST 2002 | davef

Oh. [Howabout if I smack you?] If ahma connectin� wif whut yer sayin�, you: * Don�t like the appearance of the glue slobberin� out from under the component even though there is no apparent glue on solderable surfaces. * Concerned about the hydrosco

flux on PCB's after cleaning

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 23 14:41:41 EDT 2004 | Steve Stach

Dear JSK, It sounds like the root causes of your problem are two fold. First, excessive heat will polymerize the abietic acid found in rosin forming neo-abietic diamers and polymers which are much less soluble than the parent monomer. There are

Re: Prove no-clean is clean

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 17 10:30:22 EDT 1998 | Justin Medernach

| I need an evaluation process to prove to a customer that our no-clean process does not leave excessive residue? Any ideas? Wayne, Find out your customer's concern about the residue. Residue can be a pretty ambiguous term. Is their concern activi

Re: Board contamination

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 14 11:00:38 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Mario: Your ask a very broad question and give no background information. Generally, the amount and type of residues present on a printed circuit board at the very beginning of a SMT line depends on the exposure of the board up to that point. For

Ionic Contamination Testing

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 07 00:33:40 EST 2017 | aqueous

If no-clean flux is reflowed correctly, many of the activators are encapsulated within the resin residue left behind after reflow. An ionic contamination test cannot differentiate between ionic residue that was encapsulated (not harmful) and residues

Has anyone heard of a no clean paste that can be cleaned in straight DI water ?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 30 18:25:25 EST 2018 | aqueous

This is one of the most common questions I get asked. Why clean no-clean flux. It was stated earlier that no-clean residues are benign. This may or may not be accurate. It depends on several factors including the reflow process. In a perfect world, t

IPC J-STD-001E Ionic Cleanliness Standard

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 05 22:36:38 EDT 2013 | davef

Yes, providing your: * Inbound material does not compromise your process. * Soldering processes apply the proper amount of flux and activate it properly * Material handling does not contaminate your boards Recognize that the IPC requirements of less

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