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Looking for ionic contamination test lab in Taiwan

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 04 21:06:07 EST 2009 | shan

I'm looking for test labs in Taiwan that are capable of performing ionic contamination testing on small to medium sized SMT boards. I'm interested in both ion chromatography and ROSE test methodologies. Is anyone aware of any labs performing contami

Ionic contamination

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 08 00:06:16 EDT 2000 | Edmund

Can any pls enlighten me what is the purpose of using DI water during washing of PCBA. If the board is not wash using DI water , what will happe? What is the range of resitivity reading should be. Rdgs...

dynamic/static contamination test

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 02 07:45:15 EST 2006 | davef

For more than you want to know about static and dynamic testers, read EMPF report RR000013, "An In-Depth Look at Ionic Cleanliness Testing". Request it from http://www.empf.org/index.html#

Re: Board contamination

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 14 11:00:38 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Mario: Your ask a very broad question and give no background information. Generally, the amount and type of residues present on a printed circuit board at the very beginning of a SMT line depends on the exposure of the board up to that point. For

dynamic/static contamination test

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 02 17:15:48 EST 2006 | Mike Konrad

Asoe, The systems you are describing are Resistivity of Solvent Extract (ROSE) Testers. These systems are available using one of two technologies, Static or Dynamic. Both systems use a calibrated test solution comprised of IPA and DI water. The t

Re: Ionic contamination

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 10 21:01:06 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Edmund: Responding to your questions: 1 What is purpose of using DI water to wash a PCBA? Compared to tap water, DI water is less likely to leave: � Metal cations on sensitive components. � Salts of Ca, Mg, and other stuff on metals on the assemb

Ionic contamination vs selective soldering ?

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 17 18:37:59 EDT 2008 | aqueous

We manufacture both bulk and localized ionic contamination testers. My answer is from the perspective of the cleanliness testing method. The issue with all bulk ionic contamination testers (Ionagraph, Omegameter, Zero-Ion), is that they test the en

Ionic contamination vs selective soldering ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 19 04:15:03 EDT 2008 | d0min0

Thank You Michael, as I read on previous contamination related topics I planned to ask your opinion on that directly :-) but You were faster than my action :) I will share Your opinion internally and hopefully we will take further actions best reg

Ionic contamination vs selective soldering ?

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 17 04:31:52 EDT 2008 | d0min0

Hello, tried searching the SMTnet archives, but not yet a clear answer - maybe there is not a one yet ? ;) last discussion I found is few years old so maybe there is a fresh view on that? Q: we want to prove that our proces is "clean" we use SAC30

Re: Approach To Contamination Testing Of PCBs

Electronics Forum | Thu May 14 19:05:02 EDT 1998 | Mike Konrad

Dave, Ionic contamination testers are considered to be a valuable tool to determine the cleanliness of both bare boards and post solder boards. There are some instances when SIR testing is more suitable for determining cleanliness than ionic contamin

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