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LED Stick To Cover Tape

Electronics Forum | Tue May 18 11:22:24 EDT 2010 | flipit

The ionizer was something we thought about right away. I need to investigate further. Somehow I need to get the ionizer mounted on the chipshooter. An oldschool chipshooter. A turret machine. My other concern is can I blow the ionizer at the par

de-ionized water

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 05 10:14:29 EDT 2007 | cwright

Question: What is the standard for de-ionized water in smt field if any at all. Would it be more cost effect to buy an de-ionizer then to buy the water? If so can you point me in the right direction. Thank-You

de-ionized water

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 05 10:24:46 EDT 2007 | russ

De ionized is de-ionized. Contact your local water supplier such as culligan or whoever. They can give you the rundown on leasing or buying tanks, etc... Your cleaner will have to have some type of provision for adding external filtration/deioniza

Granite Surface and ESD

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 31 23:14:18 EST 2005 | Steve

Russ if your asking me if covering the surface of the granite defeats the purpose then I'm lost. An ionizer is a very good suggestion but they are not inexpensive. If the table is grounded and the metal bars are on a grounded mat, laminate etc. then

Is X-RAY can damaged Flash IC i.e. imbeded program ?

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 19 10:18:03 EST 2001 | gzweig

There is no question but that x-radiation is an ionizing radiation and can effect components sensitive to ionization . The higher the power level of the x-ray source, the higher the amount of ionization taking place. At low levels of x-ray we have ne

Can static built up on the surface of a reel be removed?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 21 14:56:56 EDT 2022 | davef

With conductive elements, we reduce static build-up by connecting the item to the ground through a wrist strap, mat, or similar methods. With non-conducting items like paper or plastic, ionizers are used to reduce static build-up. For more on ionize

Ionizing pressurized air for pcb blow-off

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 24 12:41:03 EST 2003 | gregp

Look at a company called ARTX, Ltd. (artxltd.com) or Exair (exair.com) They make air knives that ionize shop air for this purpose.

Board cleaning machine problem

Electronics Forum | Wed May 16 10:12:46 EDT 2007 | pima

On tacky rollers. Ionizators is ok but Im not sure to that this solution guarantee us reduced to 100V value (this is what we need). We dont have ionizators on arms

Electronic Assembly - PCB cleansing and COVID-19

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 03 12:23:56 EDT 2020 | dwl

That's an interesting point about ionizers. They say the primary means of transmission is through droplets suspended in air. I wonder if ionizers kill the virus and what the turn over rate is for a room of a given size.

LED Stick To Cover Tape

Electronics Forum | Mon May 17 13:34:22 EDT 2010 | davef

If it's not adhesive, try an ESD-type ionizer. The objective of an ionizer is to eliminate surface charge on insulators and on isolated/ungrounded conductors. Practically speaking, the action of an ionizer is to drive the voltage on the surface of a

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