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Cleanliness Testing with ionograph

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 31 20:06:44 EDT 2009 | davef

Have you talked to people [Specialty Coating Systems 800-356-8260 317-244-1200 scscoatings.com/parylene_equipment/omegameter.aspx] about repairing your Omegameter? Major differences between the testers are: * Ionograph measures conductivity, while t

Re: ionograph testing

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 27 13:50:52 EDT 1999 | Mike Konrad

Aqueous Technologies manufactures the Zero-Ion ionic contamination tester. The Zero-Ion utilizes dynamic-based technology and has been assigned the highest equivalency value by the NAWC. It is among the most sensitive of all of the military-approved

Ionic Contamination Tester

Electronics Forum | Wed May 14 20:33:52 EDT 2008 | davef

1 DYNAMIC TESTERS * Kenco ionic contamination tester (Zero-Ion) [Aqueous Technologies; http://www.aqueoustech.com 909-944-7771 Mike Konrad * Ionograph [Specialty Coating Systems; 7645 Woodland Dr, Indianapolis, IN, 46278; 800-356-8260 317-244-1200 F3

Omega Meter SMD 600 Ionograph

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 15 14:19:55 EST 2008 | aqueous

Specialty Coating Systems: (800) 356-8260 (317) 244-1200 http://www.scscoatings.com/parylene_equipment/omegameter.aspx Good Luck! Mike Konrad Aqueous Technologies www.aqueoustech.com konrad@aqueoustech.com


Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 06 17:16:02 EDT 2003 | pjc

Yes, the OmegaMeter and IonoGraph are test equipment to measure ionic contamination. Either of those units should enable you to sort your inventory boards. for more info about this equipment, go to: www.cooksonee.com/products/scs/CoatingSystems/Ionic

changing from no-clean to clean

Electronics Forum | Wed May 22 08:43:40 EDT 2002 | pjc

I have experience cleaning NC for military boards. The reason for cleaning the NC is due to conformal coating requirements. Zestron Vigon A200 and Atron AC 100, as well as Petroferm Hydrex DX have both been effective at cleaning Alpha UP78 NC paste.

Ionograph or Omegameter

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 01 15:57:35 EST 2004 | davef

Both are equally efficient process control tools. Neither is particularly effective in testing ionic contamination. The best way to sell your customer on allowing you to do this is to show them that you understand the WHOLE process and are able

Re: Approach To Contamination Testing Of PCBs

Electronics Forum | Thu May 14 19:05:02 EDT 1998 | Mike Konrad

Dave, Ionic contamination testers are considered to be a valuable tool to determine the cleanliness of both bare boards and post solder boards. There are some instances when SIR testing is more suitable for determining cleanliness than ionic contamin

Necessity of ROSE in commercial quality processes

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 26 21:48:28 EST 2006 | Mike Konrad

Hi GS, Just a clarification� No-clean does NOT equal no ions. It equals less ions (at best). Automatic R.O.S.E (Resistivity Of Solvent Extract) testers are commonly used to detect ionic contamination from no-clean applications. Your comment rega

Ionic Contamination Tester Concentration Monitoring

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 11 18:44:31 EDT 2008 | smt_guy

We have an Ionic Contamination Testing system but short of having a monitoring record for the chemical concentration. What we have is a monthly maintenance check of the concentration and annual check and calibration of the chemicals. We seldom use th

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