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BGA's and the Fuji IP2

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 12 12:30:56 EDT 2002 | soupatech

I just go off the phone w/ Fuji and they seem to think that the lizard tounge (used another name, same idea) is only available for the IP3. They had a few other suggestions for adapting the IP2 like a rubber pad for the carrier or building "rails" to

Re: IP3 Trace Function

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 31 14:41:47 EDT 2000 | lucky

Hi I have some people that are good with the IP3 pd's send it to me with a brief description of how it looks and I will try to solve this problem.

IP3 motion video

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 17 23:59:26 EDT 2007 | ____

Mark, Post an ftp site to upload to and I'll send what I have.

fuji IP3 Technicians

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 02 23:08:43 EDT 2013 | empac

Hi Anil, Can you send me your direct e-mail address ? Thanks. Bob

Fuji IP3E Start up problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 09 10:41:28 EDT 2010 | chrislyttle

We've been having some problems with out Fuji IP2E machine that we've recently bought from a company that is no longer operating here. Since installing it we've encountered a few problems with it starting up. To give you a quick breakdown of its be


Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 07 15:54:28 EST 2011 | comando

this bulbs never have been replaced but the image look ok I would like send you a part placement image and i don't know how , if you want send me you e-mail to send the image

Servo alarm X2-axis (FIP-3)

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 13 14:09:44 EDT 2005 | rcanten

If there is no option to send the proper data to the MTU it sounds like your line editor is configured incorrectly. You will still be able to send programs and the such but like you said you would never notice it until you had to send the proper back

Fuji IP3 MTU Servo error

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 11 15:31:10 EST 2020 | sumote

We have not used out tray handler in several years, and when I had a need arise the thing now throws a Servo Error "MTU1 ALARM [11081010]. There are 4 servo packs in the cabinet. When I try to initialize/zero out the machine the 2nd and 4th servo pa

Fuji IP3 Problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 23 14:44:07 EDT 2006 | johnw

They are various way to debug this problem, try booting into mecha check, The cpu wouldnt cause a vp error all that is related to the VP are 3 cards the gognex the vp card and the memry backup card. If this fails print out the trace machine code and

IP3 head 1 not placing parts

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 21 22:42:50 EDT 2008 | fujiphil

What error displayed after the vision process? If all the parts processed at Head 1 did not pass the vision, try to adjust the scan speed of the camera1. kindly send the error code. Jep

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