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Conductor Width ??? - IPC 6012

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 12 16:48:31 EST 2014 | gmcquoid

We are having an internal debate here related to minimum Conductor Width. Can you have your QA manager review this and advise. IPC-6012C-2010 3.5.1 Conductor Width and Thickness When not specified on the master drawing the minimum conductor width s

SMT Processing and gasketing

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 11 17:35:08 EST 2008 | davef

SM-840, is a material qualification document only, with all the test requirements applicable only to a defined test coupon, not to production boards. So, it's useless for what you're trying to accomplish. As assemblers use A-610 - Acceptability Of E

Criteria for Min Thickness regarding Large and Small pads

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 30 08:55:31 EDT 2008 | davef

It will be tough to find a dimensional thickness specification for HASL. IPC-6012 Table 3-2, line "Fused tin-lead or solder coat - Coverage and Solderable" states the requirement that there has to be complete coverage of solder on the land, and it mu

Ionic Contamination

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 10 17:52:28 EST 2004 | Dave

You can start with J-STD-001 for assemblies or IPC-6012 for Bare Boards.

PCB cleanliness test house in Malaysia/Singapore

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 02 08:24:31 EST 2004 | bpevear

We are looking to have some PCBs (bare and assembled) independently tested for cleanliness. Our mfg facility is in Malaysia. Can anyone recommend a test house capable of testing to IPC-6012, IPC-5701, etc.

warpage dtandard

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 24 08:57:56 EDT 2008 | davef

For an nate measurement method, look here http://www.ipc.org/4.0_Knowledge/4.1_Standards/test/2.4.22c.pdf For bare boards, look to IPC-6012, par. 3.4.4 For assemblies, look to IPC-A-610

How to choose IPC in PCBA manufacturing?

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 29 20:28:59 EST 2003 | davef

The possibilities are dizzying, aren't they? In our dingy fog, if we don't understand your requirement, say so. 3 Spec Fir Tree General Technical Specification 3a Design/Layout: IPC-2221 IPC-2222 3b PCB Fab: IPC-6011 IPC-6012 IP

IPC Raw PCB Inspection

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 12 22:29:10 EST 2023 | rgduval

So, as I understand it, IPC6012 are performance criteria that your board shop should be using. I think you'd want to be using IPC600 for acceptance criteria at incoming inspection. At least, that's what I always did in my CM days. And, since you'r

warpage for 152mm length PCB

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 09 07:53:16 EDT 2012 | davef

Allowable bow & twist: Together, both IPC-A-600G and IPC-6012B represent the core IPC documents for describing the acceptable and nonconforming conditions that are either externally or internally visible on finished printed boards. IPC-A-600G relies

We're gettin' the standard!

Electronics Forum | Thu May 31 10:40:30 EDT 2001 | davef

See, all those bad thoughts we had ... The guilt, how do we live with it? 3 Spec Fir Tree General Technical Specification 3a Design/Layout: IPC-2221 IPC-2222 3b PCB Fab: IPC-6011 IPC-6012 IPC-4101 IPC-A-600 3c PCB assembly: J-STD-001 IPC-A-6

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