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BGA lands and ICT

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 20 15:18:09 EST 2002 | angiewest

You may want to check out IPC-SM-782 "Surface Mount Design and Land Pattern Standard" http://www.ipc.org Good Luck

Pad and Component Dimensions

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 03 01:50:10 EDT 2003 | jedduan

Hi Evtimov, You can get some information from IPC-SM-782A. Good luck! jed

SMT Processing and gasketing

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 11 16:30:08 EST 2008 | naynayno

Occasionally solder mask thickness is believed to be the cause of gasketing challenges during paste printing. We currently specific IPC-SM-840 on our fab drawings but this provides no limits or guidelines on thickness. I do not want to cause an unr

"Gap" in completed solder joint between lead and pad

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 28 15:41:51 EST 2006 | realchunks

Try IPC-SM-782.

Re: MSD in asembly and rework

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 24 09:48:15 EST 1998 | Steve Schrader

| Do you know if there is an IPC standard or industry standard | that addresses the proper process for handling MSD's in the production environment....? (rework etc.) | Not the receiving area. | Thanks so much, | Robin Arnold | PCB Development | Har

SMD packages dimensions and solder land information

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 11 10:51:16 EST 1999 | KenF

Could anyone tell me where I can find some literature/standards describing the dimensions and solder land sizes of all common SMD components available in the market? IPC-SM-782 does provides some but not all. Thanks in advance for any response. Rega

Re: Land patterns for 0612 and 0508 capacitors

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 30 17:07:42 EST 1999 | Dave F

Wendy: The IPC-SM-782 Pad Calculator (www.ipc.org/html/fsresources.htm) should be able help you solve your problem. Good luck Dave F

0201 Land Pattern and Aperture Shape Design

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 10 09:13:15 EST 2005 | davef

From http://www.IPC.org ... IPC-7351 - Generic Requirements for Surface Mount Land Pattern and Design Standard The successor to the IPC-SM-782A is here! The document covers land pattern design for all types of passive and active components, includ

SMT Processing and gasketing

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 11 17:35:08 EST 2008 | davef

SM-840, is a material qualification document only, with all the test requirements applicable only to a defined test coupon, not to production boards. So, it's useless for what you're trying to accomplish. As assemblers use A-610 - Acceptability Of E

Re: Standard pad sizes for reflow and wave

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 06 19:59:59 EDT 1999 | armin

| | | We've noticed that there are many different recommendations for pad sizes for various SMT parts. This seems to vary wildly from manufacturer to manufacturer for the same case sizes. Is there any standards that can used used to specify these s

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