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Chemical Reaction

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 23 07:34:26 EDT 2007 | davef

This sounds like a form of corrosion called electromigration. It creates cathode anodic filaments. They have a fern like shape because it is a metallic based crystal structure. Electromigration requires: * Difference of electrical potential * Chemica

Electromigration Testing

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 30 18:12:59 EDT 2004 | crios

Thanks for the information. davef, I will search for and review the Ion Chromatography for Ionic Cleanliness test method. This definitely is the test I want to perform. Do you know what the IPC specification is using this test method? The outside

Electromigration Testing

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 15 17:13:53 EDT 2004 | GS

Do anyone of you know if are there any Standard (IPC, JEDEC, etc) telling how much can be the acceptable level of TIC (ugr/cm2 NaCl equivalent) allowed on surace of Connectors, Components,before to be assembled on PCB ? Many thanks Rgds GS

Electromigration Testing

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 27 10:48:46 EDT 2004 | crios

I am a Quality Engineer which went from an Automotive QS9000 company manufacturing ceramic hybrid boards and now I am with a ISO PC mfg. company dealing with PCBA boards. I've been assigned a task in determining the contributing factor to high contam

IEC - 60601 compliant LF-NC Wire Solder

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 04 18:23:41 EDT 2007 | greggc09

Patrick Q1) Is the test pattern similar to the IPC-B-25? A1) - No - Tests were run on a prototype assembly. Q2) what is the temperature in the test chamber and voltage supplied to the test coupons? A2) 25C with 3.3VDC. Q3) Does this test i

Electromigration Testing

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 01 10:24:31 EDT 2004 | davef

There is no specification for �Ion Chromatography for Ionic Cleanliness�. The performance of your product in your customer use environment determines the level that you select. The good part for you is that have at least one pole that you can put i

solder joint failure analysis

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 08 04:27:55 EST 2011 | thomas111

hi, I am a Hardware designer . One of my products is undergoing a Reliability test in which a resistor shows a high value on board from its specified value .However it retains the original value when its cooled under room temperature. The resistor

Electromigration Testing

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 28 10:03:22 EDT 2004 | davef

First, welcome to your new job. Second, IPC-TM-650 2.6.14 is only loosely an �Ionic Contamination (Electromigration) Test�. * Electromigration Test, IPC TM 650 2.6.14, * Ion Chromatography for Ionic Cleanliness, IPC TM 650 2.3.28 Third, I

IEC 60601-1 Humidity Failures - No Clean Flux

Electronics Forum | Mon May 07 15:46:45 EDT 2007 | Hoss

IEC 60601-1 is a UL regulatory standard for Medical Electronic Equipment. We recently ran the humidity pre-conditioning segment of this testing and have found electromigration repeatably in areas with hand soldered joints (remaining NC flux). IEC 6

Re: Need help with no-clean specs

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 30 18:43:46 EDT 1998 | Graham Naisbitt

Chrys, Please, refer firsatly to J-STD-001 Appendix D. Now, consider: SIR testing will help define the reliability of your finished assembly - it will not tell you how clean it is. Which do you or your customer prefer? Present SIR testing de

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