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Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 17 10:47:56 EDT 2020 | davef

IPC-1601 covers PWB bake-out, methods for determining optimum bake time and temperature, caveats for certain PWB plating finishes, etc. IPC-1601 is to bare boards as J-STD-033 is to components

Parylene coating - spots defect around via holes & other flat surface

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 07 08:48:45 EDT 2016 | davef

Two things ... A friend in the contract coating business said: "... the board is not being baked out long enough, 30 min is certainly not long enough depending on how many layers this board is, as the vacuum (from the parylene process) is pulling t

OSP and getting full pad wetting??

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 18 18:06:47 EDT 2014 | davef

Methods that can reduce the wettability of OSP: * Previous heat cycles * Previous cleaning cycles * IPC-1601 "Printed Board Handling and Storage Guidelines" says do not bake prior to soldering * Using improper handling methods BR ... davef

Dry Packing Desiccant Source

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 10 13:46:30 EDT 2012 | lrota

I would check the IPC spec IPC-1601 ( Printed Board Handling And Storage Guideline). Also, be sure your dessicant does NOT contain sulphur in either the dessicant material or the paper holding the material. Enthone advises to not use dessicants ins

PCB & MSD Component baking oven

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 30 02:46:21 EST 2010 | libandara

We want to handle the materials such as PCB & MSD components as per IPC 1601 & J-STD-033. As such, we need a baking oven to perform this and to monitor (temperature – we have to maintain up to 200’C & humidity – below 5%)the control environment & ma

What is the MSL of a PCB

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 13 15:48:58 EST 2015 | natashakt

170 degrees Celsius) and regular FR4 materials. I am trying to see if we can use table 5 on page 14, "Recommended Equivalent Total Floor Life (Days)" to find out how long (at specific humidity and temperature) our populated and unpopulated PCB's can

Tantalum caps “popcorn”

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 27 15:42:53 EDT 2019 | davef

Your ppl are correct, the capacitor is not sealed. So, it is perfectly acceptable for the capacitor to have absorbed moisture. If your ppl don't either prevent moisture absorption or remove the moisture prior to soldering, their component could fail

PCB with ENIG plating shelf life?

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 11 20:29:45 EST 2022 | emeto

SMTA-643865, this is great information. I recently found online IPC1601 table saying 12months + . I was wondering what the + means? My company wants to scrap ENIG boards for 20k just because they hit the 1 year mark. Boards are perfectly sealed, so I

PCB Baking after Wash

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 04 09:49:11 EST 2008 | lazzara55

Dear Steven: Often the recommendations for baking prior to assembly are derived from various J-stds. But J's currently concern baking moisture out of components, and fail to address the moisture issues of the PCB. Because of that, there is the IPC D

PCB Baking after Wash

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 09 09:46:31 EST 2008 | lazzara55

SMT-ypw: Do you have information about IPC D-35 for reference? B3: The D-35 is a subcommittee responsible for developing industry guidelines on the proper handling, shipping and storage of printed boards and printed board assemblies. Moisture is a ma

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