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Vertical fill solder

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 08 06:19:55 EDT 2005 | lupo

Hello, Could anyone provide some support concern issue with vertical fill of through hole solder. Our lead free wave soldering process is not capable to fill 100% (requirement of our customer)through hole. We made everything (DoE) - different amoun

Barrel fill with Pb Free Wave Solder

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 10 16:15:24 EST 2008 | terryl

on the front end in design, minimize the pth connections to ground planes. this takes alot of work by the pcb designer and the approval of the design engineer. connect maximum of 4 ground planes to pth, minimum 1 plane. use spoked connections. ev

Barrel fill with Pb Free Wave Solder

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 11 07:29:58 EST 2008 | jdumont

I have done a few studies on this issue here. As a result we have increased hole diameter on heavily ground planed pins to a min of .015" over the lead diameter as well as preheating the PCB when hand soldering. I have also had to order the upper pre

Barrel fill with Pb Free Wave Solder

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 16 16:49:22 EST 2008 | scottd3

We ran into this problem before, on all of our models. We never quite found out the reason, we do know that if the PCB is passed through a reflow oven that is extremely dirty with evaporated solder paste flux, it will make it extremely difficult (or

Improving PTH fill using select solder

Electronics Forum | Mon May 14 12:44:08 EDT 2012 | tomgervascio

I am a user of an Ersa Versaflow 3/45. I was wondering if anyone could share some process pointers. I have a 0.125" multilayer PCB that I am having problems consistently achieving 75 percent hole fill on a mini-coax connector. The coax connector ha

thru hole

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 17 09:53:26 EST 2003 | davef

IPC-2222 - Sectional Design Standard For Printed Board For Organic Printed Boards, Table 9-3 � Plated Through Hole Diameter To Lead Diameter Relationships will give you the standard information you require. If we can�t get proper hole fill after try

THM Solder barrel fill issues on 93 mils board

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 21 09:09:50 EDT 2013 | wcheew

I am having solder barrel fill issues on THM component, we follow, we follow IPC 610 E requirement. The barrel fill issues happen on signal & ground pin at connector & E-cap. I found out that most of the insufficient solder happen on the connector ag

Paste in hole question

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 18 11:57:37 EDT 2008 | dphilbrick

No I was actually thinking more on the lines of this. http://pcdandf.com/cms/content/view/3845/95/ I think if you try and put solder in the hole you will not have a flat or well filled hole in the end.

Paste in hole question

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 18 15:09:36 EDT 2008 | pjc

Oops, I thought it was for components- not filling via holes. Yeah, getting it fab'd in would be the way to go I would think.

through hole reflow

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 01 16:18:16 EDT 2002 | davef

Q1: Is this [paste in hole] feasible? A1: Yes, many people lower their operating cost by reflowing through hole components. Q2: What types of components are difficult to do this way [paste in hole]? A2: Types of through hole components that are d

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