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SMT adhesive printing

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 15 12:41:49 EST 2004 | DasonC

Check IPC-A-610C Chapter 12.1, Staking Adhesive


Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 26 01:27:33 EDT 2003 | Iman

no S**t, I was going into SMTnet to post a question, on : 1) what is the actual "physics" behind "Leaching" defect? what is the accurate desciption to define this defect? how to eliminate the general causes to this defect? If encounter, what work pr

Press-Fit Workmanship standard

Electronics Forum | Wed May 16 14:09:22 EDT 2001 | davef

First thing I'd use is IPC-A-610C, �4.8.2 Connector Pins - Press-Fit Pins. Does it work in your case?

Tilted/Slant SMT Component Specs?

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 26 23:26:35 EST 2002 | ianchan

Hi Guys, (Note: We are not talking about bill-board RES/CAP, we are talking about Z-axis slant/tilted RES/CAP with respect to the PCB pad Z-axis plane). 1) We ref through the IPC-A-610C specification "bible", and can not find a "chapter/verse" tha

BGA voids

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 15 23:32:36 EST 2003 | tinson

How about section 12.2.12 of IPC-A-610C? It doesn't include detailed description of root cause/effect but acceptance criteria.

Solder touches the body of a plastic bodied,SOICs SOT,ok?

Electronics Forum | Thu May 01 12:28:56 EDT 2008 | petergog

what is the main concern about this reqirement? Why IPC-A-610c is revsised to this? IPC-A-610c said it is a defect.Solder touches the body of a plastic bodied component, eg SOICs and SOTs. But D version think it is acceptable. WHY? I thought "plasti

Manual Visual Inspection Benchmarks

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 13 21:30:23 EDT 2001 | davef

We use a great concensus document for inspection. It is: IPC-A-610C, Acceptability Of Electronic Assemblies as the basis for accepting assemblies. You can find it at IPC [http://www.ipc.org]. [Help!!!! I�m turning into an IPC Cal.] We find that m

Non-Waveable SMT Caps

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 29 14:13:05 EDT 2001 | markhoch

Just a quick thought on solder balls "or beads" caused when using NC paste. I found a spec (12.4.10 in IPC-A-610C) that says solder beads are acceptable if they are entrapped in NC flux residue and can not be dislodged in the normal service environme

physical law of Dewetting

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 01 04:31:47 EST 2001 | ianchan

I refer to IPC-A-610C, section 12.4.5, the defect term "dewetting". Can the experts pls help define the actual stages that constitute the formation of a dewetting defect? I do understand the common concept teachings that there may be contamination

Tilted/Slant SMT Component Specs?

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 31 22:50:28 EST 2002 | ianchan

Nope, we do not have solder beads, like we said, what we have are near perfect solder fillets except for the portion where the component is "floating OFF" the pcb pads. We are now mucking through the IPC-A-610C for specifications dictation on "tilted

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