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SMD nomenclature

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 06 09:36:46 EDT 2007 | pjc

FYI: IPC-SM-782 has been superseded by IPC-7351A, IPC-SM-782 land patterns previously found under the "Manufacturer Part Number" database portion of SM-782 Land Pattern Calculator are no longer maintained by IPC.

Wave soldering of SMT components

Electronics Forum | Thu May 29 13:37:36 EDT 2003 | russ

IPC-SM-782 and IPC-CM-770 have somw pretty good info. Russ

SMD nomenclature

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 27 14:13:34 EDT 2007 | realchunks

Hi piotr You have a pretty good start. Continue with IPC-SM-782 and IPC-A-610.

Re: IPC Standards BGA

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 05 04:10:43 EST 2000 | PeteC

IPC-SM-782A for one. Check www.ipc.org for more.

SMT package types

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 29 14:37:44 EST 2002 | jpond

IPC-SM-782 defines some of the acronyms.

"Gap" in completed solder joint between lead and pad

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 28 15:41:51 EST 2006 | realchunks

Try IPC-SM-782.

Land size

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 10 07:48:40 EDT 2008 | realchunks

Try IPC SM 782. Also most parts manufacturers should be able to provide you a pad design.

IPC Land Pattern Guideline

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 20 20:44:15 EDT 2011 | davef

Design based on: * IPC-SM-782A: Gap 0.0157", Pad 0.0354"X0.0276" [along gap] * IPC-SM-782A Mod used on 32411A1 & Volvo Smart Switch: Gap 0.0157", Pad 0.020"X0.020" [along gap] * IPC-7351: Gap 0.008", Pad 0.0256"X0.0256" [along gap]

Re: Land patterns for 0612 and 0508 capacitors

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 30 17:07:42 EST 1999 | Dave F

Wendy: The IPC-SM-782 Pad Calculator (www.ipc.org/html/fsresources.htm) should be able help you solve your problem. Good luck Dave F

BGA lands and ICT

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 20 15:18:09 EST 2002 | angiewest

You may want to check out IPC-SM-782 "Surface Mount Design and Land Pattern Standard" http://www.ipc.org Good Luck

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