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Scored Printed Circuit Boards

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 01 11:11:59 EDT 2001 | Chip Gill

My email address is chip.gill@ipte.com, or hit our website IPTE.com.

PCB Depaneling Router

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 28 23:52:22 EST 2008 | severs

Check out IPTE. http://www.ipte.be/products/productsubgroup.asp?productsubgroup_id=2

Automatic buffer unit ABU IPTE safety diagram?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 07 11:55:03 EDT 2005 | meritajs

Hi, We have problem with ABU IPTE,it indicate Emergency stop, Break,but we can not find all safety switches and sensors because do not have safety drawing. Could somebody help us?

V-scoring vs. Tab-Routing

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 03 16:45:30 EDT 2003 | swagner

I agree with the other posting about V-score but don't forget about a Wand punch if the application is high volume, also IPTE manufactures a cutting system that doesn't require any V-score, it just cuts the boards apart with a diamond wheel.

SMEMA to SMPI interface

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 29 10:48:37 EST 2006 | bas Rottier

Hello, I'm looking for a protocol description of the SMPI interface (we would like to connect a SMPI machine to a SMEMA machine). Does anybody have description of signals (electrically) + waveforms + pin-layout + connectortype? THanks Regards bas.r

solder crack

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 30 20:00:56 EDT 2002 | redmary

the SOIC encounter solder crack after reliability test, the common process is: SMT---manual soldering---IPT(in process test)---potting---T/C(thermal cycling,only add current and voltage)---B/T and F/T (burn in and functional test). the condition is 2

production line automation

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 09 19:27:10 EDT 2010 | rway

I am looking at using a bridge handler with our ICT machine. Does anyone have any experience with this equipment or have done something similar on your own? I need advice on what works best and companies and/or contacts that can provide the best af

Vacuum Sealers

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 23 18:03:10 EDT 2003 | jgregory

Hello all, It's been about 5 or 6 years since I've visited this site. I used to contribute quite often. However, 4 moves (and states) in 5 years can be taxing. I have found my way back, though. I am in need of info regarding industrial heat vacuum s


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