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Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 07 08:37:24 EDT 2002 | davef

Kay Nimmo [ http://www.itri.co.uk/soldleg.htm ] knows what's happening. Ask her to tell us.

The truth about lead-free and environment

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 25 07:25:34 EST 2006 | davef

Russ Who benefits? * Tin producers [ITRI] and sales-types * Equipment producers and sales-types * Friends, relatives, red-haired children, and sycophants of Euroland legislators working in the regulation and compliance activities relating to leadfre

Black Pad?? (PICTURES)

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 20 13:34:10 EDT 2008 | patrickbruneel

Picture (img133) sure looks like black pad. Maybe you can compare the pic's yourself with the pictures in the ITRI Report on black pad. http://www.pwbrc.org/members/pdf/works99/Houghton.PDF

wave soldering and solder bridge

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 17 02:08:21 EST 2007 | mun4o

Hi, I have a lot of solder bridge in our wave soldering process.We use SACX0307 and Surf 11 flux.the SW mashine is Vitronics delta 6622.Itry to change flux and termoprofile but results is not god.Can you halp me - recommend me some flux or other adv

NPL Lead Free Soldering Survey

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 11 11:33:36 EST 1999 | Bob Willis

As part of an analysis of the status of lead-free soldering National Physical Laboratory in the UK is undertaking a short survey, and would be grateful if you would spare a few minutes to answer a few questions. The SMART Group is providing five Int


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