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Yield levels

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 18 13:11:56 EDT 2002 | gdstanton

Steve, We are touching up 6 - 12% of all solder joints processed. We consider the solder joint to be the focal point of the SMT process. Therefore our metric is based on it. For example in a given month we... 1. Assembled 25pcs of 'A' (IPC-A-610/J

Confused....Need Help On AS9100

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 07 22:51:05 EDT 2008 | davef

We expect aerospace to be IPC-A-610, Class 3 and J-STD-001, Class 3. The above quality statement stecifies: * "IPC 610, Class 2 acceptability." This is unclear. Should this be "IPC-A-610, Class 2 acceptability?" * No class for J-STD-001. Should we a


Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 02 07:32:44 EST 2009 | umar

Hi..., We have build the PCBA base on IPC 610 and J-std-001 class 3 product, All the ESD pre caution been implement at my production side, ESD flooring, wear the ESD smock, wear the ESD shoe, use the finger coat and those not use the finger coat the


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