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Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 15 07:49:44 EST 2001 | jax

I am not sure if it is feasible in your situation becuase I don't know enough about your board ( mixed technology, single-sided, etc.... ) , but have you ever considered screen printing paste onto the test points?? JAX

QP-132E // FCM 2

Electronics Forum | Thu May 02 07:31:00 EDT 2002 | jax

Sai, I would like to know what you base the "high drop rate" and need for special paste on. JAX

Optical comparator capabilities built into chip shooters

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 30 07:20:13 EST 2002 | jax

What are some of the Chip-Shooter machines that have this Golden Board comparison? I am aware of a dimensional image overlay but no measurement is performed by the machine to determine accuracy on these systems that I am aware of. -JAX

Gold plating specification

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 23 08:10:43 EST 2002 | jax

BS4292: Electroplated Coatings of Gold and Gold Alloys Gold and gold alloys for engineering purposes Single, double or multilayer electrodeposited coatings on metallic and non-metallic materials for electrical, electronic and other engineering appl

Placement accuracy

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 07 12:56:00 EST 2001 | jax

I' ll have to agree with Dave on this one. Just get the information from the Suppliers. The Glass plate, Aluminum board, Glass slugs, etc... are all used to determine if a calibration is needed or if it was succesful.( they can also give you offset i

CGA devices - placement and vision

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 26 16:26:00 EST 2001 | jax

I have not placed these parts in a while but when I did Universal was the machine that did it. We were able to place these parts using a 1mil flat( upward looking camera) inspecting all columns. The problem is a 100% column recognition is not possibl

Universal GSM dumping trays with parts still in!!

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 08 09:08:47 EST 2001 | jax

Your safest bet is to manually remove the trays. The problem with what you want is that the machine does not know that it missed a part. It simply goes to the point you specify and tries to pick somthing up; if it doesn't pick up anything it believes

Need Expert Support

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 13 18:52:21 EST 2001 | jax

Are the boards in question immersion gold? This could be a process problem at the board shop. If this subcontractor has done good work for you in the past it might be an outside variable causing the problem.

Upside Down Chips

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 15 07:40:42 EST 2001 | jax

Most of the companies I have worked with have their own quality standards for items such as this where the standards are unclear. In this situation I wouldn't worry about repair as long as at least one location for each part number has the value mark

seeking better process

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 21 14:26:40 EST 2001 | jax

Ed, Although I will have to agree with Boca that building your own boards is probably the way you eventually want to go, that is not a reason to go out and buy whatever machines you can afford at this point in time. Have you thought of sub-contractin

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