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Matrix/Jedec tray changeover at pick and place surface mount.

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 12 13:03:18 EDT 2021 | cunningham

Afternoon all, Do you use any special surface other that ESD matting when changing over matrix trays? We currently use a earthed wire trolley that we keep trays and MSD bags on and when replenishing stock its carried out on the trolley. Does anyon

SMT-6000 trays and carrousel

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 06 15:53:59 EST 2006 | Mike

Does anyone know where I can get the trays and carrousels for these old OKI machines? I contacted the guy in Florida who is selling these now and he has none. He has been saying they will be in two weeks for 18 months now. Any help is appreciated.

Assembleon MG-1 and ATS

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 10 20:52:57 EST 2022 | compit

I have Emerald-X with Double Shuttle Tray Feeder. Can it be connected (DSTF, probably PA 2699/22) to the MG-1?

Component Obsolescence and Availability

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 07 14:11:33 EDT 2022 | SMTA-69080803

@Stephen How big was the adapter board? It's challenging to depanelize and tedious to manually put these tiny assemblies in a tray.

BGA and QFP orientation in trays for pick and place

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 14 14:58:21 EST 2004 | Gilroy Misquita

I would like to know if there is an International standard for BGA and QFP polarity in trays for pick and place. How are these components placed on trays and is there a polarity of the tray itself? Please feel free to send me an email or reply on t

tape and reel vendor

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 30 10:43:21 EST 2004 | Robert

I could use some help too. I have a bunch of SMD 4 Pads Inductors from Central Technologies. The dimensions of the part is 11.30x13.9x6.9 . I've called four companies already and none were able to find a carrier for this part. These parts are on plas

Component Obsolescence and Availability

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 31 15:53:23 EDT 2022 | stephendo

And pin outs of both. Once I saw a SOT-6 replaced with a miniSOT-6 (IIRC) The pin outs of the two parts were different. We did make an adaptor board and it wasn't too bad. We populated a panel of the adaptor boards, depanelized them and put them in t

Mydata Pick and place

Electronics Forum | Thu May 10 02:57:03 EDT 2001 | kjellman

Hi, Why not have a look at Philips/Assembl�on, their ACM machine is quite nice. It may also bring you down to Flip Chip, 0201 some through hole and odd form placement. Nice options like bulk feeding, coplanarity tests, fluxing for FC, prom feeders (

Pick and Place Rivet

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 13 05:18:40 EDT 2008 | lococost

that's a pretty cool idea, I like some thinking 'outside the box '! 1. I don't think picking it up and placing it will be much of a problem. once the rivet is placed it will be held in place by the paste. However, you would need to make a tray that

BGA and QFP orientation in trays for pick and place

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 14 18:33:21 EST 2004 | ex maintain leader

qfp tray one corner on the holder is 45 degree cutted there is the pin 1 bga also one corner is different in the tray at tape packaging I'm not sure, I have seen diferent comissions belong supliers

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