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BGA bake out....

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 28 10:04:41 EDT 2004 | jdumont

Yes please send a copy of that paper as I dont have access to the 033 STD. That would be great, thanks a lot. jdumont@astromed.com JD

PCB post reflow cleaning

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 29 07:21:51 EST 2004 | jdumont

We are also having the same problem here. I was told earlier that it could be a problem with the solder mask during the raw board manufacturing level but then I noticed that the problem was only surfacing on boards that went through the wave. As far

Solder Iron

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 13 14:24:49 EDT 2003 | jdumont

Does anybody know where I can get a good high temp soldering iron. We recently began making a very thick board with lots of ground planes in it that dissipates the heat applied to the solder very well, making it difficult to rework. Thanks in advanc

Solder Iron

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 22 07:04:39 EDT 2003 | jdumont

What is the difference between a solder gun and iron, aside from the obvious physical ones. Do guns have the ability to supply heat at a faster rate than an iron?? Thanks for the posts everyone.

J-STD-001 Training

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 27 13:54:19 EDT 2003 | jdumont

Does anyone know of a company that will come in and do an on site training program for 5-8 operators and give the certificate at the end??

Used Contact 3S

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 11 09:58:18 EST 2005 | jdumont

Well we actually bought a used 3AV system. Been running with no problems at all for a while now. We also already had a 3Z system that has not fared so well. We have replaced both the Y motors, 3 of the 4 Z motors, belts, pulleys, PCB's, spindles...et

Heller 1088 Reflow Oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 03 13:01:20 EST 2003 | jdumont

Good day all, we have a Heller Reflow oven here that has been in service for about 2 1/2 years now. Aside from 2 thermocouples going bad it hasn't had any problems. My question is, how often should it be serviced for preventative maint. and does an

Post reflow cleaning

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 18 10:15:04 EST 2004 | jdumont

We are having problems removing the flux residue from our boards in our batch cleaner. We use Indium SMQ92J which I hear is notoriously difficult to remove. Can anyone suggest a similar paste (price/performance) that has better results with cleaning

Post reflow cleaning

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 18 11:28:05 EST 2004 | jdumont

I actually have Kyzen's Aquanox 4520 in there now. Trace Melton at your place is working on the problem for me also. I have sent him detailed pictures showing the problem. I will post any solution we come up with for the benifit of other smtnet'ers.

Post reflow cleaning

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 24 06:56:46 EST 2004 | jdumont

We clean some of our boards because we are in the medical and military industries.

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