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Kirsten jet wave

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 27 05:48:29 EST 2012 | sparrow

Hello, does anybody use a Kirsten jet wave soldering system? we think of implementation of wave soldering process at our facility and Kirsten jet wave systems with protecting liquid looks pretty attractive to us (N2 is no needed). Can anybody, w

jet dispensing highly-filled polymers

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 05 08:33:06 EDT 2003 | Mike Stadt

Is jet dispensing of highly filled polymers possible? I have only seen applications with SMT adhesives, where the filler content is on the order of 10%.

hollow jet wave

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 25 09:14:20 EDT 2010 | ozgurv

Dear all, Is there anybody who has got experience about the hollow jet wave soldering system? Is it usefull for SMD devices such as fine pitch components and Can it solder components which are on thick PCB's? Thanks.

Kirsten jet wave

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 21 06:13:42 EDT 2012 | sparrow

Hello Hunzo, many thanks for your detailed reply! By the way, I am well familiar with the smell of Galden liquid that is used in vapour phase soldering ovens. Does ADL have the similar smell?

Kirsten jet wave

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 21 06:01:07 EDT 2012 | hunzo

Hello Sergey, I have used Kirsten Modula Wave with ADL (anti dross liquid) option. We have had the same expectation like you: less dross and lower operation cost due to no inert gas is required. That is achieved, the dross generation was modest and t

laser or ink jet marking of pcb's

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 06 18:57:48 EST 2001 | pzohbon

I am looking at putting a laser or ink jet marking system for barcoding of pcb's in our smt production area. As and inline system it will need the capability to handle different size boards. We use dark green pcb's except for couple red and blues m

laser or ink jet marking of pcb's

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 07 02:29:22 EST 2001 | Cosine Theta

Barcode needs a light colour backgroup so that the scanner can read. No way you can mark on the solder mask and become readable. I found most of the time the investment cannot be paid back within 5 years. Most of the time it is product requirement th

laser or ink jet marking of pcb's

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 07 20:37:38 EST 2001 | davef

I agree. The bar coded label you use should not be affected by the solder mask of the board. The label should have sharp contrast between the segments of the code to modulate the returned light and allow the reader to discriminate between light and

laser or ink jet marking of pcb's

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 08 09:38:35 EST 2001 | blnorman

We've been using pre-printed labels on our PCB's for years, with 8 - 10 hours a week down time associated with them. Last October we put a CO2 laser marker on one of our lines. In 6 months we've had a total of 30 minutes down time. We use a 2D b


Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 13 09:20:46 EDT 2018 | sara_pcb

What is the difference between jet printing & jet dispensing. Our's is small prototyping, high reliability PCB assembly business. The SMT components used are up to 0.4 mm pitch BGA & 0201 size chips. Which is more suitable for us?

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