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hollow jet wave

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 25 09:14:20 EDT 2010 | ozgurv

Dear all, Is there anybody who has got experience about the hollow jet wave soldering system? Is it usefull for SMD devices such as fine pitch components and Can it solder components which are on thick PCB's? Thanks.

Kirsten jet wave

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 21 06:01:07 EDT 2012 | hunzo

Hello Sergey, I have used Kirsten Modula Wave with ADL (anti dross liquid) option. We have had the same expectation like you: less dross and lower operation cost due to no inert gas is required. That is achieved, the dross generation was modest and t

laser or ink jet marking of pcb's

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 08 09:38:35 EST 2001 | blnorman

We've been using pre-printed labels on our PCB's for years, with 8 - 10 hours a week down time associated with them. Last October we put a CO2 laser marker on one of our lines. In 6 months we've had a total of 30 minutes down time. We use a 2D b

MY 500 Jet Printer CAD Conversion

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 20 14:26:41 EDT 2015 | lord_anar

Hi all. We have MYDATA MY5OO Jet Printer. We had already used it before. But now when we start to production again after a long time I have problems with CAD Conversion. I forget all of the information about how to start working on jet printer and MY

Best solder paste printer with solder paste inspection and AOI function-Recomendation

Electronics Forum | Thu May 26 07:53:42 EDT 2022 | jojoled

Hi.Thanks for reply. 1. - I guess after JETting the paste, the head will go aside, to allow head with HD camera(SPI) to do the job.....and thus if used for AOI , the same camera will be much higher above components, not damaging anything....this is

Beyond Convention Routing?

Electronics Forum | Fri May 05 07:38:14 EDT 2006 | Chunks

Thanks davef, but having worked in the metal industry for years, I was wondering how someone would actually use a water jet to cut PCBs? I know it can cut them, but all water jets use an abrasive in the water. So, this would seem a rather "dirty" p

GSM2 and FlexJet heads

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 10 16:05:27 EDT 2009 | dilogic

I would if someone can share his "real-life" experience with FlexJet (7-spindle) heads. We are currently running machines with Flex heads (4-spindle), which are very easy to maintain, but I suppose 7-spindle has more throughput. All comments are welc

stencil/printing machines for solder paste

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 11 00:34:42 EST 2015 | comatose

There isn't going to be much worthwhile used equipment out there if you mean true jetting - it is a pretty recent process. There are lots of used stencil printers out there, so from an up-front cost perspective, stencil wins. Jetting is slow. A hig

GSM FlexJet z-safe sensor

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 31 19:15:36 EDT 2020 | dilogic

We have GSM2 with FlexJet heads (an older one). There are 7 sensor amplifiers (with LED indicators) for touchdown detection and one for z-safe detection which is of a different type (with numeric LED indicator). I can't find anywhere what the right n

MyData MY500 Jet Printer

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 02 11:56:23 EDT 2008 | daxman

Hello everyone, We're looking at the possibility of purchasing the MY500 jet printer from MyData. I've checked out all the features and benefits on the MyData web page however I'd really like some input from anyone who has actually used this machine

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