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Use lead-free alloy wire during rework for Leaded Process

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 08 19:49:41 EST 2006 | davef

Dr. Brian Toleno wrote that section of the posting that I pasted onto the forum. Try: * �Lead-free Soldering Backward Compatibility�, Pan, et al., IPC/JEDEC Pb-free Conference, San Jose, 2006 * Checking with http://www.ipc.org * Contacting Jianbia

Pb free BGA and Sn Pb solder paste

Electronics Forum | Thu May 06 08:59:25 EDT 2004 | davef

Even with PbSn solderpaste the leadfree BGA's have a superior resistance to solder-joint fatigue failure when compared to conventional parts. [Solder Fatigue Reliability Issues in Lead Free BGA Packages, Pedro Chalco of IBM, Pan Pacific Microelectron


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